Daily List: 3 Household Hacks to Try

It’s hack week on the daily list! Finding a second purpose for things that you might not have thought of. This morning, three household hacks to try!



Back to School Lunches

It’s that time- Back to School!  What better way to send your kids off then to make them smile when they open their lunch box!  Melissa’s with Mama Momtourage with lunch and snack ideas this morning!



Fabulous Fern

This 86 year old lady performed with Slim Pickens, Louie Armstrong, and Phylis Diller! She’s still a working rancher- and is on her way to Rio. Mark will introduce us to Fern!



It’s My Hair Salon

3830 Northgate Blvd


(916) 568-2222



Duct Tape Crafting

When it comes to crafting, you can use just about any material to make a masterpiece!  One local expert is even using duct tape for her works of crafting art!  Easy to pick up, hard to put down!!!  Today check out some of the crafts she’s “crafting” out of the adhesive!  Then she’s showing our novice anchor team how to make a few pieces!!  Sophie Maletsky is San Francisco’s premiere children’s event planner, crafting expert and now author!  Her book Sticky Fingers, DIY Duct Tape Projects was just released last month!



The Smuffin


The Smuffin has all the ingredients to make Smores around the campfire but is conveniently made in a cupcake-like presentation with a gram cracker crust. How about a cookies and cream Smuffin? Or maybe you would prefer the chocolate and peanut butter S’more that’s a big hit with most everyone that had tried one.

Pushkin’s Bakery

1820 29th St,


(916) 376-7752





Our Truck Tracker Jason ‘Toots’ Maloney is getting in touch with his theatrical side!  The talented team behind the new Music Circus show “Brigadoon” is giving our Toots a Scottish makeover!  Today we’re raiding the costume closet in search of the perfect kilt!!  Plus, we’ll learn all about the intricate art of kilt-making from a local man who’s studied every stitch of the ancient garb!!  Josh Brown from Skye Highland Outfitters will explain and demonstrate the attributes of an authentic kilt and outfit Jason in a kilt.  Plus the LA-based Costume Designer for “Brigadoon” will be on hand to give us a tour of the shop!!  The costume shop will have great visuals for live teasers — kilts and other costumes will be hanging on racks, workers will be sewing costumes, etc.


Wells Fargo Pavilion

1419 H Street


(916) 557-1999

Music Circus: http://www.SacramentoMusicCircus.com

Skye Highland Outfitters: http://www.skyehighlandoutfitters.com


Manly Minute – How to Balance Work and Family

We all know that success in life depends on a combination of hard work and talent. But no matter how hard work, you need to make time for the people that mean the most to you in your life. Leave your work in the office when you go home and enjoy your time at home. We found the things that successful fathers do to balance their life at home with their life on the job. Here are 5 ways to balance the two.



Fit After Baby

This mama is inspiring women to achieve their fitness goals!  Viewer Jessica plans on stepping on stage to compete for the World Beauty Fitness Championship in Las Vegas less than 3 months after giving birth!  Last year, she competed against 33 other countries but this year it’s predicted to be more fierce than last because NOBODY has ever done this before!  We’re there for one of her last workouts before she takes off- PLUS tips on how to get back to the gym after baby!

Team Wink a transformation of the body, mind and spirit.


IG fitnesswink. Fivestar Nutrition:



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