Football games, hanging out with friends, maybe a first love – these are only a few things that people miss about high school.
Here are five of the things we miss.

1. Hanging out in the school cafeteria – The food was terrible, but so many memories are made just sitting around with friends at lunch and during spare time.

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2. Goofing off – Life is so serious now. There are tons of things we wish we could do or say with our BFF if they were only here with us, and if our livelihoods didn’t depend on us being well-behaved and professional.

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3. Having a teenager’s metabolism – Remember when we used to be able to eat whatever we wanted and not have it affect our waistline?
4. Summer vacations – Two months of not having to get up early for school. Enough said.

5.Not having to pay bills – Remember those days of not having to pay for anything except for clothes and food? If we didn’t have to pay bills our lives would be soooo much better.

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