SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 22-year-old is in custody after allegedly shooting and killing two people and injuring two others during a fight in Old Sacramento on Monday night.

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An argument began inside a bar located on corner of 2nd and K Streets at about 9:38 p.m., according to the Sacramento Police Department. The argument escalated into a fight and an employee went to break it up. During the fight, a man pulled out a gun and shot several times at the people he was fighting with.

A woman, 30, a man, 35, and the employee, a 20-year-old, male were shot. The woman suffered a non-life threatening injury to her lower body, but the two others were shot multiple times and died.

Hearing the shots, a security guard confronted the suspect, and the two exchanged gunfire. Both were hit.

The suspect ran from the bar toward the crowded street where he was taken into custody by responding police officers.

Both the suspect and the security guard were taken to the hospital where they remain at this time. The suspect is in custody. His identity is being withheld.

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“They had one person in an ambulance and one person in a cop car,” one woman said.

“I saw the gun in the hand. He was just screaming and shooting,” another woman said.

Some 40,000 people, including lots of families with young children, had gathered in Old Sac for a 9 p.m. fireworks show shortly before the shots rang out. Another fireworks show scheduled for midnight was canceled. A Sacramento Police helicopter circled overhead to announce the midnight cancellation.

Mounted police, patrol cars and Sacramento Fire trucks converged on the scene as thousands of spectators were blocked off from the crime scene.

Witnesses described hearing several shots and then running for cover.

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“Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,” one witness said. “It sounded like a Glock.”