The Squeeze Inn just opened a restaurant in West Sacramento! We rolled out the welcome mat with our reporting dream team of Mark S. Allen and Don Geronimo. The Sacramento hot spot had its grand opening at 10 a.m., but we were there first, checking out the new digs and cooking up some tasty burgers for our viewers!

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  1. It was great seeing Mark and meeting Don!

    1. Sara says:

      It’s always great to see Mark, but I would have trouble seeing or meeting Dong in person. I see enough of him while I change channels from 6:00-8:00 Mon.-Fri.

  2. Barbara says:

    I enjoyed watching Mark,But you all realy could of left that Don guy out he kills the show for me.He doesn’t fite in like the rest of the crew does.

  3. Gail & Karin says:

    Don and Mark … great to meet you this morning… We made it to Fresno in one piece. Wish we could have stayed for some yummy burgers.

    All you who dont like Don need to wake up and get a life … DON ROCKS!!! Don… dont change a thing… We had to put up with that goof ball Cody. YOU are a great addition to the show.

    Next time do a live show from a place with lots of single hotties… for us single over 40 & 50’s hot mamas !!

    I bow down to THE DON!! ohhh and a little Gary makes it even better…

  4. Matt D says:

    They were closing by the time me and my BFF got there so sad 🙁

  5. kristi manning says:

    OK i admit it,Don u r very nice,Sorry about getting mad @ u, since I met u, I see The sweet spot!,U dumped me again tho, we were supposed to take a picture!lol bye kristina-manteca

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