Easy now, guys!

Only two days after getting a cut on his head from a stunt while filming Mark At The Movies, Mark S. Allen donned a hockey mask an pads and became target practice on the ice. Was he able to leave the rink without too many bruises?

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  1. Bryan Carter says:

    Thanks for coming out and helping us promote our Charity Hockey game. Tickets are still available at http://www.firehockey.com.

    Bryan Carter
    Sacramento Firefighters Hockey Club

  2. Matt D says:

    I got to say Mark can really skate well with all that on.

  3. Vickie Arroyo says:

    We love ya Mark… But please keep your Hockey skills off the ice!

  4. Hockey wife says:

    Goooooo Sac Fire!!!!! Luv u guys!!!!! Kick sum Blue Meanies be-hinds…… =)

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