Don talked about Tina’s appearance on his show Wednesday. He mentioned her 1-900 voice, the gifts they shared and talked about Tina opened up about having cancer.

You can listen to the show again on KHTK’s web page.

Tina’s Visit
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  1. Roberta says:


  2. Gene from Galt says:

    Very entertaining, Donny have Tina back on your Radio Show!!

  3. Richard says:

    Tina was great ..very funny ..more Tina

  4. Nevada Red says:

    On my page you have the wrong video clip. I would much rather see Tina than some promo about a cake competition!

  5. Raider on the Tundra says:

    Yeah, got cake here too. Please be having the Tina show highlights.

    BTW: Since Don G is on vay-cay, heard the Tina show 4 times. Never gets old.

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