Don Geronimo made a cameo appearance during a Star Wars skit with Corey Cody Stark this morning. He played Chewbacca, and got the voice just right! Wow! DG in at 00:40

[photogallerylink id=5154 align=left]

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  1. Darwin H says:

    The Wookie in the black leisure suit……Looking good, Don!

  2. Matt D says:

    Kids are so cute playing with legos at that age. Got to meet Don today… For all who have never met. Yes he is a nice guy.

  3. Kevin says:

    Telling me , TV can not find a part in a scary thriller for this guy Donny G??!! Look at this man, he is half baked and that is the good side my friends…Donny will be in a movie at your box office within 1 year, he will star in Hollywood Movie within 2 years or he will be a the bus depot downtown…your move TV!!

  4. Star says:

    And the fun begins! So happy to see Don on the show!

  5. HARD listener says:

    LOL my wife cant stand the man me I dont miss a raido show ! can wait GDS mornings with DONG!!!!!

  6. Big Freda says:


  7. Susan says:

    Never has he been more formidable!

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