Our First Family Portrait!

Here is our little family!

Local –and amazing–photographer Brenda Bisharat stopped by the hospital to snap a few shots!

Natalia was such a trooper…although she slept through most of the pictures!

Baby Natalia and me

How do you like my sassy hospital gown? Now there are 3 words you don’t normally see together…SASSY HOSPITAL GOWN. Thanks to Annie & Isabel there is such a thing as a comfortable and fashionable hospital gown!!!

In all seriousness, I love the Annie & Isabel gowns and their story. The gowns were created by two sisters and registered nurses…who just happen to be my friends–Selena and Anna. As nurses they know how uncomfortable patients are in those hospital gowns. So they created their own line–Annie & Isabel. The gowns are names after women who inspire them. How awesome is that?!!! Of course I ended up with the zebra print gown…also known as the Susan…named after their mom.

Ok..one more picture to show you…it’s my favorite!!!

Such a ham!

Thanks again for letting me share!



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Tina & Lisa Meet Natalia

Comments (61)
  1. Katie says:

    Thank you! 🙂 She’s BEAUTIFUL

  2. Matt D says:

    Such a beautiful family. Love the Hospital Gown Ju… 🙂

  3. Lorri says:

    OMG What Doll!! And love the gown!! Congratulations

  4. NANA says:

    hi ju you look so happy and cute. your little family.i hope you come back to goodday soon.

  5. Alex Gonzalez says:

    Hi she is beautiful and you look absolutely amazing as well! I love your gown…I’m having a baby girl, my due date is Feb 22 and I would be so interested in getting one of those gowns! I want my baby to see mommy as put together as possible (if that’s possible…lol) Are they available to purchase and where?

    1. Selena & Anna says:

      Congrats Alex on your upcoming delivery! Yes! Annie & Isabel hospital gowns are available for purchase at
      Please let us know if you have any questions. All of our gowns fit true to pre-pregnancy size! Also, for anyone local we have an amazing partnership with Brenda Bisharat Photography! Just like Julissa, you can have Bisharat Photography come to the hospital and do “day-after” pics complimentary with any purchase of one of our gowns. You even get a free 5×7 and slideshow to music to share with your friends and family!

  6. Viki Crabtree says:

    You three look so content and that is a special look!!! Great job and she is lucky to have such fun loving folks!!! God Bless Sincerely, Viki Crabtree of Fairfield, Ca xo

  7. Mariah says:

    What a cute little package!!! So happy for you Ju. You’re gonna have sooo much fun with your daughter!! God Bless!!

  8. amy mcgarvey says:

    what a great picture of you steve and natalia!!!! That picture where she is peeking over the blanket is sooooo cute!!!!

  9. Nikki says:

    omg! gorgeous!!! and I think I remember seeing the Gowns on the show, amiright?!? congrats darlin, and I wish you all the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Suzanne says:

    This makes me all teary!

    1. Tatiane says:

      Cosmomakeup on August 30, 2011 i like my big wide smile! i definitely do not have gtarisht white teeth but i do not let my teeth prevent me from smiling! in my opinion, smiles can bring people together and cheer up a stranger’s day, therefore i want to spread and share my happiness with others

  11. Larry & Sandi Key says:

    We are so happy for you three! What a wonderful word “three”! Steve Large has been my most favorite one on GoodDay and to see such a happy family is warming to my heart.. God Bless

  12. Kay says:

    One word…… Beautiful!

  13. Jennifer Landers says:

    Congrats! Time flies by fast, so enjoy every fun lil’ moment.

  14. Carol says:


  15. Chris says:

    Hey Ju……she is adorable.. congrats to both you and Steve.
    I miss you on Good Day….but enjoy the time with her they grow way too fast. <3 You look so cute (as always) in you designer gown….:)

  16. Corrine N says:

    She is so cute and you look so cute in your personal hospital gown Ju 🙂 Cherish every moment you have with her as you will notice how fast she grows. Congratulations Large family.

  17. Susie Real says:

    Congratulations Large Family! We r so happy 4 all of u. She looks like a joy. Enjoy her while u can, they grow so fast. Take Care and God Bless u all.

  18. mamaro says:

    she’s a natural for the camera, just like her mom.

  19. Julie says:

    Hey Ju & Steve, she is MOST BEAUTIOUS! Wishing you all the best. God Bless! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Diana says:

    Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful family. BTW, love your hospital gown. Wish I had something that SASSY to wear when I had my two girls. Congrats to you and Steve!!!

  21. Karen Schulz says:

    Thankyou for sharing your beautiful baby and family photo with us your goodday family

    1. Yahia says:

      Hi there! I just want to tell you how much this post helps me. I’ve been looking nruoad for fashionable plus sized hospital gowns for quiet some time, and i just so happen to find you. My mother offered to make one for me, but we all know how nice and sweet home projects can turn out. :o) I’m due March 24th 2010 and i will be having a c-section, as i had to have one with my 1st and hated the look of the regular old gowns in all the Thousands of pictures that i have. Again i just want to say thank you for your personal input, it really helps. Take care. -Melissa-

    2. Beatriz says:

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  22. Cat says:

    She is beautiful! congrats to the little Large family! 🙂

  23. Tonya Skinner says:

    what sweet and adorable pics!!! and I love the sassy hospital gowns. I remember those uncomfortable gowns !!! anyways your daughter is beautiful and a cutie!!! good luck and congrats!!!!

  24. Tammy says:

    How precious! She is beautiful, and you look fabulous Ju! Congratulations to you and your family.

  25. Kathy says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  26. Martha G. says:

    Congratulations Ju and Steve, She is BEAUTIFUL! Love the family photo.

    1. Natalia says:

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  27. Tracy G. says:

    She is such a beautiful baby. May God continue to bless you.

  28. Melissa Castillo says:

    awee, your baby is so adorable. i wish the LARGE familythe best of my wishes.

  29. jim smith says:

    what a beautiful baby. julissa: stay home and raise your baby like a good mother.

  30. Maria Perez says:

    Julisa and Steve
    Your baby girl is a beauty!! Before you know it, Steve will need to get a shot gun!!
    Congrats and enjoy her!

    Ju…you are a friend in my head!
    Try to get as much rest as you can…try and sleep when sleeping beauty is sleeping.

    Maria Perez

  31. Martha A. says:

    She is so beautiful.

  32. Dawn says:

    She is so beautiful and congratulations enjoy every minute with your lil angel they grow way to fast .

  33. Gina says:

    She’s perfect!

  34. Mad Davy Flynt says:

    Aye wot a lovely child she be indeed! Can we make her a crew member of the Pirates of Sacramento???

  35. Anela says:

    Hey Ju! Congratulations, she’s finally here!

  36. Diane says:

    You guy’s have such a beautiful family and I am sooooo happy for you and Steve!! Ju I love the hospital gown is quite sassy but it’s adorable just like your happy lil family!! you and Steves baby is just so beautiful words cannot express how blessed you two are to have such a beautiful Daughter!!! I wish u two the best and have lot’s of fun with her!! : )

  37. Brenda says:

    Thank you for mentioning us here in your blog post Julissa. I just love the new “little/large”! She is adorable and such a wonderful little baby! So fun getting to know you and you look wonderful here in your Annie and Isabel gown! Hope to see you again soon at http://www.bisharatphotos.com/

  38. Randall says:

    Brenda does such a wonderful job! Great Pics!

  39. Karen Spitzer says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL family! God Bless you! <3

  40. Lenna Corwin says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful Ju!!

  41. Heidi Mettier says:

    Awwwwwwww, So very Precious! You look Fabulous Ju!

  42. nevada trust says:

    so cute! my wife loves babies. congrats!

  43. Bitty says:

    You people are just to SAPPY!!! It’s a normal looking baby…just like any baby….beautiful? Adorable? Gorgeous? Come on people…really, you are just going a “TAD” bit overboard.

  44. Liz Balcom says:

    Ju I think that Baby Natalia Is so beautiful and I love the Large family picture. I think that baby Natalia is a wonderful give from God.

    1. Bitty says:

      Give me a break!!!!

      1. Michelle says:

        aaawww u guys make a beautiful family congrats..:)

  45. cindy wood says:

    shes beautiful,congrats

  46. Marlene says:

    Thank you for sharing. Your hospital gown is so you!! Beautiful family!!! God bless you all!

  47. Mary K. says:

    OMG Ju! you and Steve sure make beautiful babies!!! 🙂 She is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Congratulations to you all! Being a Mom is thee BEST “job” I have EVER had; trying though it may be! 🙂 I really love you guys and miss you ~ (no cable currenlty… :*( but every chance I get…You are the first chanel I turn too! Take care… Lot’s sugar to Natalia. By the way… such a lovely name! 🙂

  48. Beatrice Cruz says:

    She is adorable….. Thanks for sharing…. Very beautiful family..

  49. Michael says:

    You have a great looking family. I think the two of you had just got married before I lost my job and had to move to southern Calif. I am going to have to start watching cw31 again the ABC7 news is just plain boring, they just do news.

  50. Heidi Mettier says:

    These are such Beautiful Pictures of You Steve and Natalia! We all miss you on GoodDay and look forward to your return!

  51. Heidi Mettier says:

    These are such Beautiful Pictures of You Steve and Natalia! We all miss you on GoodDay and look forward to your return! 😉

  52. mercedes garcia says:

    HEEYY JU! lol what a beautiful family u have! congrats!! bet ur tying to get bby natalia on schedule hehe my lil one is 6months now and we’ve got it down lol. you look wonderful in the pics and lovin the gown lol we miss u on good day! God bless take care.

  53. Omry says:

    kaiokenification on April 24, 2010 man i know this might sound like im a wuss but i have a laotpp that i watch and i get my gun and BLAST THE TV!

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