trucktrackermaloney Keep On Truckin

It was a busy day for Jason Maloney, the Truck Tracker. He sent people all over the valley and beyond. He had Mark Mathis covering cute beasts, while Christina was covering a place that trains carriage horses.

Cute Beasts (Puppies)

Carriage Horses

  1. Linda Jo Stayton says:

    I’m from southern Illinois (down by Kentucky), and my grandma taught me to make the Best homemade from scratch chicken and dumplins’ ever. Twice a year, I make them for everyone in our school, and they go Nuts over Them! Next weekend, I’m going to make them for a “Southern Style Bling Bling.” I guess, down at a local pub. 🙂

    1. Linda Jo Stayton says:

      Anyway, Jason, come on down .. we’d love to have you in Modesto.. Obrian’s..

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