Marianne McClary is one of the original Good Day players! She hosts Good Day Sacramento Monday-Friday.

13 Questions With… Marianne McClary

  1. Where did you grow up? Seattle, Washington
  2. What is your ideal scenario for a day off? Spa day! I’ve often thought that if I didn’t end up in TV, I would be a mystery reviewer for the spa industry. I’m very particular.
  3. How did you decide to be a reporter/anchor? By accident! I was a business major but needed three credits to keep getting financial aid – and an “Intro to Radio” course fit the bill. My professor talked me into taking the follow-up course, which had us produce a radio special on education – and I was hooked!
  4. What was your favorite toy growing up? I loved board games. “Park And Shop” is one of my favorites – it’s seriously all about running errands. My whole life is based on this game. To this day, if I get my errands done in a hyper-efficient manner, I’ll tell my sisters, “GREAT ‘Park and Shop’ day today!!”—and they know exactly what I mean.
  5. Where is your favorite local place to eat? Kind of a fan of Lido Café in Carmichael. If hubby’s out of town, I’ll hunker down there and drag out a long breakfast all by myself. Plus, the cinnamon rolls! Oh!
  6. Do you have any pets? We have one kitty, Suki – we just lost his brother, Mushi, in March. We sure miss him – but Suki is entertainment enough for a whole litter. 🙂
  7. What is your favorite social media platform? Love me the Twitter – I can get lost scrolling, and scrolling, occasionally clicking… I need to work more on posting and sharing, but Twitter’s ma thang. Twitter: @GoodDayMarianne
  8. If you didn’t work in TV news what would you be doing? I have a thing for organizing, and construction projects, so I think I’d be a house flipper, or stager, or something to do with making homes pretty again and decluttering! Don’t get near my toolbelt!
  9. What is the most memorable story you’ve covered at CBS13/CW31? One of the most amazing actually came from a friend of mine – her husband donated a kidney to his father, so she decided to donate one – to a complete stranger! She just had to find someone who needed one, who was a match. A friend of hers happened to be on a treadmill at a gym and struck up a conversation with the woman next to her – whose sister needed a kidney transplant. My friend turned out to be a perfect match. Seriously, what are the chances of that?? I just saw them both last month and they’re doing great, six years later!
  10. What is your favorite season? Fall. Next question.
  11. Who is the fellow reporter/anchor you text the most? Probably Julissa Ortiz only because I’m forced to respond.
  12. When do you wake up on a workday? Weekend? Workdays, 3 am. Weekends, about 6:30 or 7 – but I love that time of day – quiet, cool and cozy with a cup of coffee and Suki until hubby wakes up. I’ll probably always be an early riser now, so THANKS, Good Day! 🙂
  13. Why do you love Northern California? It’s so beautiful here – I grew up in Washington State and this is as close as it gets without being right on top of the family that I love so much! Trees, flowers, two rivers, wine country, mountains, what’s not to love?


  1. Where was your best vacation ever? Scott and I went to the U.S. Virgin Islands about two years ago, before the hurricanes hit. It was beautiful, and the short plane trip to St. Barts is the craziest plane ride you’ve ever taken – but our $35 hamburger at Eden Rock was worth it. We had such a great time. He followed up with our hosts to see how they fared in the storms, and it’s wonderful to hear that they’re rebuilding.
  2. Favorite sport to watch in person? On TV? Gotta go with the Seattle Seahawks (sorry, 9ers fans) – I thought I was going to lose my mind during those Super Bowls. Seahawks? In the SUPER BOWL???? At least they won one of them.
  3. Favorite TV show? Movie? TV: “Modern Family”. I came late to the party but those guys KILL me. They’re all hysterical. I REALLY want Haley and Andy to get together in this upcoming last season and I know I’m not the only one. Movie: “Miracle on 34th Street”, the original with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood. It’s so cute, no one dies, and heck, it’s Christmas!!! I’ve still got it on my DVR from last year – and it’s not going ANYWHERE.


Twitter: @GoodDayMarianne


Comments (407)
  1. ann walker says:

    Maryann, love the show with you,nick and MarkS,, please do me a favor and slow down when speaking,,,, you get talking so fast I can not understand you.. Please do not take offense to this

    1. Bob says:

      Where is Nick Toma? I feel sorry for Marianne, Mark, & Cody. The show is no longer GDS without NICK & MARIANNE. Thanks alot don

      1. Lin says:

        I to would like to know what happened to Nick. Very sad after all this time and no one mentions his name.

      2. Gina says:

        I agree WERE IS NICK TOMA?

      3. Sue C says:

        I apologies if I asking a question that has already been answered. Last mention I heard was that Nick was under the weather. Is Nick’s health improving? I have been with the show from the beginning. Enjoy all the new crew members, but do miss Nick.

      4. SteveB says:

        Wondering the same thing. Usually when a GDS member leaves they say something. Not seeing his Bio in the list makes me believe he is no longer with the team. Personal issues or ???

        Perhaps Don G was brought in to replace him when the time was right. I see Gary is on the show and he always did the sports. When Gary left, Nick took over the sports. I find it disheartening to not know what happened to one of the shows key people.

      5. says:

        Where is nick toma? Will he be returnig?

      6. virginia hardisty says:

        Marianne I miss Nick Toma on the show where is he, you and him ore great together . Is he sick or did he leave good day and way did we not here anything about him leaving the show.

      7. Bettina says:

        I agree, the show is not the same with Don G. There’s not enough room for his ego!! I miss Nick!! I’ve been a loyal viewer since the beginning and I can honestly say I don’t want to watch until 8:00 when he’s gone!! Marianne, you’re fantastic!!

      8. Kd says:

        2 thumbs up…..!

      9. Allan Thomas says:

        I too have been a faithful watcher and want to know,
        WHERE IS NICK TOMA???????

      10. Scott Freitas says:

        Where is Nick Toma?

      11. Scott Freitas says:

        Where did Toma go?

      12. melbertcats says:


      13. Sue says:

        Marianne, I have read alot of emails about Nick leaving but can’t find the answer. Like everyone else, I miss him.

      14. Myra says:

        I am wondering the same thing where’s Nick Toma?????

    2. Bob says:

      W H E R E ‘ S N I C K T O M A AT? I’ve been told that I’m straight as an arrow, but when Nick left I had to turn to screenshots of old videotape to satisfy my…uhm…uh… desires. I miss him so much. I may never love any other anchor as much as I loved that MAN! Maybe that is why I feel such animosity when viewing your little show anymore. I don’t want to get my heart broken the way it was when Nick left, or was unnecessarily forced to leave. That MAN made the show look like they had a budget, and class. Yes, Mr. Toma is a classy man. The kind of person that I wish my son would grow up to be. A man so respected in the community that I would bet that he hadn’t paid for a drink or a meal for years. When he was spotted around town, friends would say “I JUST SAW NICK TOMA!”. The only “personality” that acted like a human being. When I would spot other gds staff…. Nothing…. Zilch….Nada! And we are normal looking people. Maybe above average. That’s my burden. Anyhoo, I’m just wasting time. The Tea-Baggers are on C-SPAN right now. SEE Y’ALL IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO (that’s for Nick)

      1. Bob says:












    3. Debbie says:

      Marianne, I haven’t watched the show in a while and was wondering where Nick Toma is?

  2. Tim Sjobeck says:

    Prevent freezing and subsequent bursting of pipes by following these suggestions……

  3. nancy bradley says:

    Hi Marianne, Have been out of town and was told by a friend that KMAX talked about a dog that was rescued from a septic? and that the dog is now paralyzed in the hind quarters. If you can get the owners in touch with me, I do have a wheeled harness for paralyzed dogs and I would be must honored to give it to them if they make the decision (hopefully) to not to put the dog down. Feel free to give them my phone. Love, N.

  4. Zane Monroe says:

    Check it out the only thing that will get the skunk smell out is douche I swear I was born and raised in and around Sonora area and my dog like to play with skunks and other woodland creatures. I swear the only thing that works is douche dont know why it just does.

  5. Jo says:


    Please help fast. I need your pepermint bark receipe. I think I saw it last year on the show and I need it NOW!
    Please help.



    1. Marianne says:

      Jo, email me at the address here and I’ll get it to you!

      1. Elaine Earle says:

        Hi Marianne, Why is it so hard to email you? Did you get my message Sunday about K Street Mall re-do? I don’t see how they can use money for that instead of keeping police and csi working. I know it is a different pot but come on. The gangs are out of control and drugs also. Please reply. Thank you so much.

  6. Veronica Clewis says:

    Marieanne I simply adore you! My mom died 9.3.08 and I turn to you because she loved you and the whole crew so much!!! I just have one question? How can I get my joy back and go back to living? I love your joy and smile…Id love to have the same joy!!! (hope I didnt misspell anything)…Veronica C.

    1. Marianne says:

      Hi Veronica!
      So sorry about your mom. Glad we can add a smile or two to the morning. They say ‘time heals all wounds’ but it must be tough. I try hard to focus on the positive and keep negative people out of my life – that makes it much easier to have that joy! Stay away from the Negative Nellies and channel your mom’s happiness! 🙂

  7. karen allen says:

    I used to live in Sonora Ca. I watched your show every morning and also on weekends with Cody. I have since moved to Oregon and miss all you guys. Your shows always made me laugh so much. I miss you all. Your show does not air in Oregon.

    1. Marianne says:

      I’ve heard you can see us as far north as Medford/Eugene on satellite.. but not past that…:)

  8. doreen alfonso says:

    Maryann, I think you are the stable one of the show! I was wondering is the new guy related to Robert Cummins? sure looks like him!
    I remember him from the Love that Bob show

  9. Jennie Garcia says:

    Hey Maryann! I have been watching for years and now my kids watch with me. Luv the show, you guys are hilarious! I posted a little something on facebook I thought you all might enjoy, its a video of my three year old doing her version of “What the heck is that” Happy Holidays!, Jennie (Vacaville)

  10. Ron says:

    From one Washingtonian to another since you changed your web page several weeks ago I’m not able to watch your show on my computer. I downloaded all the required programs, but nothing. Can you please notify you IT people and ask them to help those like myself to get back on line with your show. Maybe a Blog giving use “none” computer people suggestions on how we get back on. BTW you really are GREAT, I miss watching you and all your fellow “crazy” people.

  11. Maria and Cecil says:

    Hi Marianne…
    This morning you said that there is one word for Alan to go up the snow slide – free! – you forgot another word: food!
    He is so funny, he crack us up. You have a great show! Thanks for the good times…

    1. Thomas Whittmore says:

      hey Marianne…
      How tall are you!? I keep telling my wife, your about 5’10” and she says naaa, 6 foot!

  12. Tanys..aka TK says:

    my email wont let me send right now….prolly my fault I am not to handy on here….any way wanted to say thanks for the soldier holiday greetings you are showing….I used to babysit the brave soldier you aired this morning and it made my holiday to see him and his family safe and happy… this is the second time he has been on the news..He was on with Pres. Bush when he made the surprised Thanksgiving trip to visit the soldiers…..once again Thanks for all the good work you do

  13. Phyllis Ritts says:

    Hi Marianne!
    Love the show, you and the team really get our mornings going! Thanks for that!! We do have a question though………why isn’t there a bio for Christina Anderson? There is one already for the “new” Mark…….just curious. Just didn’t want Christina to be left out, she’s a cutie! “See” you in the AM. Keep up the good job!! 😉

  14. Mia Raquel says:

    mark mathis during his dance performance earlier, reminded us of Richard simmons!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  15. jim says:

    Worst Christmas gift:
    A pair of cufflinks fashioned as license plates with
    ” I GO4U ” engraved on them. I wasn’t aware cufflinks were even used anymore.

  16. Marco says:

    Mark Mathis is ruining your show – I’ve watched it for over 12 years and I have never seen anyone as plastic, conceited, obnoxious, rude, loud and out of touch. He calls himself a meterologist, please, he just reads the weather. Whenever he comes on, I turn the channel to 40 or 3 – and they are looking better. GDS is good but not that good that I have to put up with this “jerk off”! Get rid of him before is too late…

    1. Amy says:

      I completly disagree. Mark is a wonderful television personality. The problem is the absolute on-air rudeness he has to put up with from some of the “Gooday click”. Lisa and Julissa should be ashamed of their unprofessional behavior. Mark M. reminds me of the early days of Mark S Alllen. He was treated with the same bad behavior. Let’s give Mark Mathis a fighting chance starting with the Gooday cast.

      1. lily says:

        OOOOOHHHH amy you are so wrong,that man is bad, obnoxious, and i to watch 3 or 40 if he’s on. Amy you must be a wacko like him

    2. Marie says:

      I completely disagree with Marco. Mark Mathis is a favorite with me and my husband, along with most of our friends and family. He is not phony, rude, or condescending, like Tina and Marianne. And let’s be real, this isn’t a professionally produced news show. Most of us watch it because it’s not a boring show.

      I just wish that Tina and Marianne would stop being so rude to Mark Mathis. They don’t seem to have a problem with Mark S Allen’s “brother Steve” and he says things that are over the line. For example, when he says “I’d like to break off a piece of that” when referring to a woman that passes by.

      Get real, stop being phony and rude. You’re probably a nice person underneath all of that.

      1. lily says:

        what rock did you come from? go back mark m is badddddd

      2. jill says:

        I agree Marianne and Nick T. strain to try and be funny..Both are stiff and should just stick with the news..Marianne is rude always playing on her computer while trying to do news and reports…Mark M appears to be a great guy with a real sense of humor

    3. Alma Stout says:

      I agree with Marco, that guy makes me sick. He thinks
      he is funny and I say he is about as funny as a boil on your tail bone. Get rid of Mark Mathis the sunner the better.

  17. Marco says:

    Good Day Marianne….
    What a great selection with Bret! He just blends right in with your cast, he is a natural!
    Glad you finally got rid of Mark Mathis

  18. R, Frank says:

    hey. I am usually out working and when I get home nothing feels more enjoyable than watching you, Nick, Mark S, Tina and sometimes Cody or Alan. When you talk it’s like listening to good friend talking . Both my wife and myself really enjoy the show.

  19. Jan Rakestraw says:

    Maryann you once wore your hair up in a high ponytail. It looked so cute on you! You were wearing a black turtle neck shirt and looked adorable!! I think you should wear it up more often! Show off your pretty face.

    1. sharon says:

      i agree with jan, you look younger by about 15 or so years.

  20. bobby says:

    Hi Maryann, love the show. jus one quick question, and u prob already answered it to someone else, but wut happen to jackie t? i been all over the site to find out. Happy holidays!

  21. Michele Butler says:

    Mark S. Allen has a hot a@@ poor little Mark
    Michele (Keyes,Calif)
    Allen Santos home town

  22. Michele Butler says:

    you aren’t to fast. Mark just has a hot a@@ today

  23. Michele Butler says:

    HOW come the new guy dosn’t have a address? Yes Mark Mathis!!! ???? Michele

  24. sara coleman says:

    i have been wathinq u since i was born……..1995….love you Marianne McClary

  25. sara coleman says:

    can iget ur email to stay updated….???

  26. Joseph says:

    I’m a very long time viewer and when traveling I use my laptop to view GDS. That said, I feel terrible even making my following

    After a month of “trying” to adjust to your new cast member,
    I find I still can’t. I find myself just turning off GDS rather than
    watching or just listening to GDS from a distance (while putzing

    This individual is loud, grating (think of fingernails to a chalk board), inane. For all the years I have watched GDS I can state
    this mans delivery style, his character style does not match nor
    fit into the GDS manner.

    Because I’m sure GDS must have some kind of working
    contract with MM, I’ve resigned myself to just turn off GDS and
    get on with various work task instead. (my stomach feels
    knotted just writing this)

    With a low deflating sigh, I close off.

  27. Kathy says:

    Good Day ! 🙂
    Is there a certain address I can email to regarding maybe a small possibly for you to send a Iive truck out to my Christmas Holiday home? I have email several different places here on Good day (last week) and I am not sure if it’s going threw or that anyone has even received my request ( No reply’s or not even a not interested …thank you anyway?!? (common curiosity) Anyway… 🙂 if you could be so kind…if you get a chance ( I know your busy) could send me the correct email address ( ) 5 times and no reply that my email was even received :/
    Thank you for your time and I hope you and your husband Scott have a very Merry Christmas 2010
    Kathy Rau

  28. David Villagran says:

    Hi Marianne,
    My nam is David Villagran and My parner Rod and I are haveing a Winetasting and Cookie Lee event Jan. 29, Sat. between 1-4pm. Address is 2086 Moonstone Ave., Sacramento, CA. 95835. I was wondering if you and Lisa, Tina, Stefanni, Cortney, Mark, Nick, and the two Saturday host, would like to attend. Alma de la Vina wines which is our brand name will be serving 08″Zinfandel, 08″Syrah, 07″ Petite Sirah, 08 Rose’ and Sparkling Almond Champaigne Wine.
    Nick Toma attended on of our events two weekends ago and lved our wines andpurchaceda 08′ Syrah. Stefanni Cruzknows my wife Sandy and Lee who is our neighor. It would be so wonderful if all of you would joing us. There will be food, Jewlery, and wines. Really hope to see all of you here.
    David Villagran 916-475-4938
    Rod Wurst
    Alma de la Vina wines
    Sharon Reese
    Cookie Lee

  29. Marco says:

    What has happened to Cody on the weekends? He has that obnoxious, loud mouth, crude, rude, plastic man Mark M as his co-anchor?
    The minute I turned on to GDS and saw him with Mark M, I turned you off, the same this past weekend. You have to maintain the quality of GDS and this ain’t doing it. Cody has to be restrain.

  30. Howard STONE says:

    GOOD MORNING, The snow boarder that was found in a tree well was a 25 year old young lady not a man as you replied to MARK. I think her love ones would be upset if they heard that you reported her to be a “he” . Howard Stone. Modesto

  31. Sacramento Jr. Cougars Cheer says:

    Dear Friends,

    We, the Sacramento Jr. Cougars Cheer would like to extend a hearty thank you for your generosity and hospitality.
    We appreciate the time you and your staff took to guide us ,is even more welcome.
    It is of great honor to have performed on your show with the opportunity to network with your Staff, Producers and all alike.
    The opportunity for which you allowed our girls to experience will be at the top of their accomplishments, as a team,organization and within themselves individually.
    As we make preparations for our journey to Las Vegas, we will be sure to be in communication with you and your staff to update our progress and further accomplishments.

    Thank you for making time to meet with us and for sharing your spotlight.


    Sacramento Jr. Cougars

  32. Tina says:

    Hi Marianne,

    Love the show but can’t stand that “NEW Mark”. Please if you have any pull get rid of him. Better yet put him in the kooky collections.

    1. Lisa says:

      Please Marianne…help get rid of that bufoon Mathis or use a shock collar to alter on-air behavior (LOL)

      I now have to watch (insert gasp) KCRA on mornings because Mathiss just awful on air. He seems like a nightmare for the producers too. The weekend show is just over for me now that Mathis actually co-anchoring!

      Ending on a positive note, I like Don Geronimo…but dont let Nick leave.

  33. Alma Stout says:

    Marianne, I was just wondering about Tina. Is she ok. Haven’t seen her in a while. Hoe everything is good with her.

  34. eileen cunha says:

    Hello Maryann
    Love the show and everyone on it, Has Ju had her baby yet?
    And what happened to Stephanie cruz?
    Eileen Cunha

  35. Mrs. Ward says:

    Bride of the Year Contest

    Follow these 5 steps to Vote:


    2. Click: Click Here

    3. Find our picture (The only black & white photo)
    Joey & Beth

    4. Click: Click to Vote

    5. Pass along to co-workers, friends & family

    *Vote from your phone too 

    Thanks for all your love & support.

  36. Manuel says:

    I heard that Elvis did an interview and he said that kissing a mexican woman was like kiss a dog . is this true.

  37. Craig says:

    To my above post, it’s Lisa Gozalez, that’s the name I was trying to get out to you about her being such a bitch. But sadly I don’t think that’ll change her attitude. That is just her. Unfortunately she’ll be that way till her dying days. Feel so sad for her and her husband who has to put up with such dread.

    But he is most likely a doormat so I can’t feel too sorry for the guy.

    thanks and God Bless

  38. Tina says:

    Hi Marianne,
    My husband and I are going to SF for the Zin Fest Jan. 29th. We would like to do the train thing and then connect to BART to get into SF. Can you please tell me how to do the connections?

    Thank you,,,,,,,LOVE THE SHOW, WATCH EVERYDAY!!

    Tina Marie

  39. lily says:

    pleaseeeeee get rid of mark m. pleaseeeee

  40. lily says:

    oh NO lise did just fine!!!!! it that mark m. that’s the lossser

  41. Ginger10 says:

    Hi, Marianne, I was reading some of the comments. I enjoy the show so much that I even dvr it. You do not talk to fast, my Mother who will be 90 on the 23rd talks so fast that my ears are trained to listen in high gear. I like the new Mark, it brings me back to when the show first started. Keep up the good work.

  42. lily says:

    Ok, Marianne, is this mark m. going to stay or what,you!, Your self know how bad he is. Do the staff up stairs not look at the e-mails of everybody that don’t like him…..and do ratings not mean anything anymore? I just don’t get it…….HE’S BAD what else can i say

  43. Ken & Belinda Palmer says:

    Hi Maryann!

    Ken has been watching you from day one. He asks, “what happened to Stu?” – Saw he had a travel show but I haven’t seen him in years. Love your show you all work so very well together. The news is so depressing but watching your show makes us laugh and we get a little bit of both! (Ken)

    Hi Maryann,

    I too am from the great state of Washington – my family is all there. I too grew up watching JP Patches as well as Wonderful Wonda. I love it when you reference memories from home – it makes me feel home here in Hilmar California. Alan Sanches is close to our hearts as well as he attended school here in Hilmar and was friends with our sons (he loved WWF wrestling and attended events with our sons) He also did an on camera cannon ball in our pool (spectacular!). Best to all the Good Day team. Keep up the good work!!!!! (Belinda)

  44. Alma Stout says:

    What rock did you peoplefind this Mark Mathis under. Put him back. I am about aready to stop watching your show and I have alwayd enjoyed it up to this point. HEE NEEDS TO GO11111

    1. Cheryl says:

      I love Mark Mathis! He is GREAT. LOTS OF ENERGY!

      1. Lisa says:

        Cheryl, Mark S Allen has energy…Mathis is the sterotype of someone with trouble focusing or just hyped up on caffeine/sugar. I think his persona would be great on stage/theater instead. He’s messing up the chemistry.

  45. West Coast Tom says:

    HEY NOW!

  46. Michelle says:

    Could you or someone please announce 14th annual Crab Feed benefiting the Bella Vista High School Football Program on 2/19/2011 6pm Tickets are $40.00 pp send order to

  47. Cheryl says:

    You look awesome Marianne. It looks like you have lost a few pounds! Good for you!

  48. Myronavitch says:

    Hey there, Marianne, It was great to watch the whole show this morning, for such a long time. When I see the obnoxious one, I tune out. And I like you and the Don together. Love ya.

  49. Sean Kelly says:

    I have to watch you on the web, I don’t get your station down in the bay area. I have been watching because of Don but, dam your hot! I will keep watching you via the web, oh yea Don too.

  50. Diana says:

    Marianne, you are so beautiful. I love your top your wearing this a.m.. Where did you get it?

  51. Diana says:

    Your hair in your bio pic. is soooooo cute! you should go short again for a while!

  52. John says:

    Marianne, I have been a fan since day 1 of Good Day. You are never anything less than professional and a totally classy lady. I heard you today on KHTK with Don and you were fabulous. Rob, Arnie and Dawn, fugettaboutit , Its time for the Mark, Mike and Marianne in The Morning ! I’m proud to share the same birthday, October 19th, with you.

  53. Kid says:

    Dearest Marianne–How do you put up with that new guy, Don? I find him rude and obnoxious. You have such a great chemistry with Nick and Don is messing it up.

    1. MARY says:


  54. JOHN says:


  55. Karin Flaten says:

    We’ve seen so many people come and go since GDS started, but you have always been the glue that holds your TV family together. The show wouldn’t be the same without you.

  56. Lori says:

    Hi, Can you tell me about the hair straightening process you used? I have been thinking about a Brazilian Blowout and my daughter heard you say you did something else, but can’t remember what it what it was called. Thanks

  57. Cheryl says:

    Okay how much longer do we have to stomach that new guy Matthews?? I just want to puke when he is on the air..

    1. Laurie says:

      Either you are a different Cheryl (from a post dated Feb. 15) or you are that same Cheryl and have come to your senses!
      I feel just like you described the second I hear his voice, and I am so resentful that is the reason I have had to officially as of today, forced to leave GDS for good–and I have been a loyal viewer for the past 13+ years. I shall miss everyone else greatly.

      1. Laurie says:

        I meant to say that I will miss, above all, Marianne, Nick and Mark S. and Tina. Thanks for the good times!

    2. Lisa from ElkGrove says:

      I agree w/both Laurie & Cheryl. I love the GDS team, and love the group chemistry…Mathis ruined it. I can only watch on his days off. Been loyal viewer since 2nd year. My whole a.m. routine is a mess since I can’t listen to/watch GDS. Fire Mathis & whoever hired him.

  58. Juan Carlo says:

    Hey, Marianne. I remember watching you on Channel 12 in Phoenix many, many years ago. I’m from Phoenix and unfortunately am stuck living here now. Why are so many former Phoenix TV “news” people working in Sacramento now…I mean Phoenix is a much larger and better media market? Dale Schornak, Dave Marquez, Donna Cordova, Christine Mendonza…and a few more. What gives? I guess Arizona is too hot for you guys. Dale Schornak worked at KTSP channel ten in Phoenix for so many years…all through my college years back in the 1980’s. He’s older now…and obviously dies his hair to hide the gray. He’s got that fake annoying “I’m a TV anchor” voice. I was glad when I moved away from Phoenix so I wouldn’t have to see Dale Schornak any more…and now he’s here. UGH!
    Anyways, I used to like watching you on Good Day Sacramento …however Don Geronimo and that Mark Mathis guy have ruined your show. Geronimo and Mathis have to go. I have to change the channel every day now and watch KCRA channel 3 and the Today show…much better than staring at Geronimo and Mathis…two of the ugliest men on TV. Okay, have a great day. Call me when Good Day loses Geronimo and Mathis and I will come back to watch you guys again. I wish I was back in Phoenix so I could get some authentic Mexican food…this California Mexican food is really lame. In Arizona, they don’t put alfalfa sprouts on tacos. That would make Pancho Villa twist in his grave. The TeePee Restaurant on Camelback Road near the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix has the best Sonoran style Mexican Food in the world!

  59. mystery brown says:

    You truly do keep the show a top notch show. Thank you

    1. Lisa from ElkGrove says:

      I age. Nick & Marianne are good team.

  60. ron talmage says:

    Marianne, prepare for your job before the show starts, always surfing the net while your co-workers are talking. only to find a cat clip that’s 5 years old . you may be a nice person but your rather clueless when it comes to the real world. wake-up girl

    1. Lisa from ElkGrove says:

      Ron, do you watch.the show? Marianne does impromptu searches. if you want stiff prompter reading…switch to KCRA. & watch Diva Fitzpatrick

      Marianne…keep up the good work.

      1. ??? says:

        Yea Ron!! Watch the show Fool!!!

  61. virginia h. says:

    Hi Marianne, I just turn 56 years old and have a big problem with clothes I do not know want is best for me to buy everything is for young kids and then the clothes I look at for my age are to old looking I like to look nice all the time and I take care of children in my home. But when I go out with the kids I want to look good and not in jeans all the time. I like the way you dress on the show you always look well put together and I know you are not in my age group, do you have any suggestion for me I like to shop at Ross, Marshalls, Kohl’s and Target Thank you

  62. amy says:

    Good day,Im very upset that i see so many ugly,hatered,filled remarks about Mark Mathis,I for one was very happy when he joined your Team. I called today and was told no comment could be made to me at this time.I then told the person on the line that i felt he was fired and if true i find that to be the saddest thing because it ,I think was due to fans who either called or wrote all the hatered,ugly,mean,things.I have never seen the word HATE used so much when talking about a person,He seemed to me to be a very kind,loving,happy,joyful,person that enjoyed his job.I was also thinking about the time when he talked about getting his apt,furn, getting set up there in Sacramento and being so proud that he got it done !!!! I think it was a poor descion on the part of mangement to make this move so fast without more thoughts about his fans because there are many out here.I just needed to vent and i know you cant make any comments about this issue,God forbit we dont want to lose you to……I would like someone to tell the viewers that he is gone and where we might be able to write him,via facebook or pray he will have a new job soon but his many fans dont want to lose sight of him or a way to contact him wish him good luck and see were this takes him,so Marianne Please, Please, when its ok for you to speak about this matter,and Mark cannot let us know how we his fans can keep in contact with him……Thank you for taking the time to read this and excuse any misspelling but the brain surgery i had took away some of my good parts but God gave me the best part and that is my Life….Amen

    1. Jo says:

      Amy I think ur comments about ju&lisa were right on target about mark M they were so ruined to him everyone on the set acted like he had two heads , I don’t want anyone to lose their job but I can’t stand that ju ,she is so phony well good luck Mark M.

  63. bob says:

    saw you on gooday this weekend and you are so HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and love your smile and you dress and look very sexy and you do it with such CLASS

  64. Cynthia Williams says:

    Could you please let me know what happened to Mark Mathis. All of a sudden he was gone. No explanation or anything. I can’t believe they got rid of him because of a few complainers. Isn’t this what the show is all about? A good mix of personalities? To all the people who helped CW get rid of him, I hope you are proud of yourself…..

    1. Kathy says:

      I hope they did not get rid of Mark Mathis!! I know he made a mistake with a “rude and disrespectful” comment when he first started working for your show…but it was a mistake. We all make mistake’s!!!! I have been part of Good Day’s family since day one almost 15 years ago and have been appalled at some of the horrible RUDENESS that most of you at Good Day have expressed towards Mark. I take my hat with off to Mark as he brush’s off all the “rolling of the eye’s” and moves forward and does a great job!! I like Mark and he is a excellent dresser and he makes me laugh!! Please forward this email Marianne to your boss and to Mark please…I would love to share my thoughts to them. Thank you for your time 🙂

      1. Lisa from ElkGrove says:

        Mathis’ on-air personality was not a good fit GDS still has a variety of personalities. I said many times I think he’s got a great persona for the stage, but he really made it impossible to watch GDS & GDS Weekends.

        I hope he finds a gig in town that better suits him, but I’m honestly happy to be able to watch the best local morning show w/out having to flip channels to avoid Mathis.

      2. Thomas In Grass Valley says:

        Talk about rude?! Mark Mathis is the rude one.
        He is loud and obnoxious. He says inappropriate things.
        Mathis displays disrespect for his co-hosts, guests and most importantly the viewers. What he should remember is that he is a guest in our homes–and then he acts like that? Whether he is permanently gone from this show or not, my family will not watch Good Day with Mathis on the set (and we’ve followed the show since moving to NorCal in 1999).
        I have tried to remain open-minded about his flashy personality but he only continues to aggravate me to no end. I don’t endorse the mean-spirited tone of some of the negative comments, but a lot of the complaints about his performance are accurately based on his abrasive behavior. We love the show and would be much happier without Mathis.

  65. Marco says:

    Finallly! GDS management saw the light and turned off Mark Mathis Next is Don Geronimo – where do these producers come up with these losers? Don belongs in radio – period!

    1. Eileen says:

      go away and turn the channel!!!!

    2. Michael Crites says:

      I agree and haven’t been watching except weekends and the nine o’clock hour. I just noticed Nick Toma is missing. What happened to him? Or is he like Mark Mathis and gone?

  66. Eileen says:

    Very, very sad to hear about Mark.M. H really was a breath of fresh air for California and my opinion GDSl He my have been over the top sometime, but for the most part he gave me a purpose to give up in morning to look forward to a great day, the laugh, not taking things so serious, and and just to see him having some much fun!!! It was great! Our society forget what people and life is all about. We seem to lose our who we are and where we are our life. More patience, compassion, understanding, and support for Mark M. In my opinion. I’m really really sad.

    1. Tink Irvin says:

      If Mark Mathis was your purpose for getting up in the morning…then you MUST lead a very sad life.

    2. Illent says:


    3. Lisa From ElkGrove says:

      Were we watching the same show????? Mthis was horrible.

  67. Becky Williams says:

    Last Friday, March 25th, you listed 5 work stress reducers that start with A. Could you find that again & list them please?
    Thanks, you’re the greatest!

    1. Alma Stout says:

      Glad to see that amark Mathis is gone. I almost stopped watching because of him. No get rid of Cody or give sometning to do that he dowsn’t look and act like a jerk.

  68. 3 is --was -- looking a lot better... says:

    Well now that Twinkletoes has slithered out of GDS, I can go back to watching the show. You folks are great. Still, the weather lady at 3 is a stone fox, but there’s more to, uh, wait a sec just gotta check on if it’s gonna rain today, Back in a sec…

  69. Larry says:

    April 3, 2011 8:03 am


    I remember when GDS was fun to watch, entertaining. Marianne had standards back then. Now the show is so degraded that GDS considers the likes of MM and Don G
    as ‘worthy’ entertainment (for viewers to bring into their
    homes – kids or no kids).

    Am I the only one out here that remembers that GDS was
    the ONLY quality morning talk entertainment show around???
    {Not anymore}

    Lets retire GDS instead of bringing into our homes the trash
    (poor quality, base standard) that GDS is becoming.

  70. Cheryle Crockett says:

    You were very instrumental on my interview of February 28, 2011 regarding my genealogy presentation on the book I authored, My Slade Phenomenon. You asked all the right questions. The Roseville Genealogy Society was watching this airing that day. This prompted a request from them to be a guest speaker in Roseville on July 26, 2011.
    Thanks to all involved on Good Day Sacramento. I can continue on my journey.

  71. Kathy says:

    Dear Marianne,
    I know your not boss…but you have been around for awhile…maybe your input might help..pleazzze Here is a question for you 🙂 Do you think all the staff at Good Day will be as harsh and UNFORGIVING ( like everyone was with Mark M ) for the REALLY gross remark that DON just made?
    ‘I bet if you pull the bedding back you’d find major stains on those sheets’ …comeon!!!! I think you did Mark un-justice and did not give him a chance…like I said before WE all make mistakes…yes I agree Mark did with his comment about the CHP but…this from DON??? geeze..thought it was a family show. I do hope that Don is on a trail basis…cause he brings down GOODDAY big time and on many occasions now that I think about it, these views are also from big area of friends I know from work (UPS). Please send back Don to Radio…they are allowed, I guessing… to do tasteless show’s….I am assuming but please don’t allow him to continue to bring down GD anymore…plus when he reads whatever he is assigned..he is so obvisious..tell him to bring his eye’s down and pretend he know’s what he is doing..I know he is trying but he is not for Good Day :/

    Thank you for your sooo much for time!!
    Have a great day!

    1. Jo says:

      Marianne please be ur self because u laugh at everything Don says and it is not funny , what is wrong with you people Don is not right for the show bring back Mark M.

    2. Gail B says:

      I have to agree, sorry. Don’s voice is sooo irritating

      1. Maria Cea says:

        Where is Nick T.? We (my family and I) feel like we (as viewers) have the right to know what happened with him. GDS is Marianne & Nick or Nick & Marianne you guys are great as GDS anchor. Please, please, please, bring Nick back !!!.
        PS. Don is not right for GDS.

  72. Brian M. says:

    Marianne, If I could draw you a picture of me bowing and tilting my hat to you beleive me I would. Unfortunately I screw up a stickman drawing. Anyways with all emphasis on “hats off to you” I do want to say PLEASE DONT EVER LEAVE CW31, YOU MAKE THE MORNING SHOW WORTH TURNING ON. Yes, Tina has great info and Cody can let us know if its hot or cold. But, none of them can give us the news like the style you have. What im saying is I honestly can say I have never seen you haveing a bad day, always smileing and putting the Marianne touch on the morning show. THANK YOU….

  73. Jo says:

    Get rid of ju

    1. Gloria from Rio Vista says:

      Your dont even deserve to watch the show if your dont like JU!

  74. Amy McGarvey says:

    is angel cardinas going to be a regular on the show? hes great!!!!

  75. Joyce says:

    Marianne needs to drop attitude

  76. Shawn says:

    Love the show! And you are so HOT!!!!! Keep up the good work!! ;);)

  77. Rosella--Turlock says:

    Where is Mark Mathis/

  78. Rosella--Turlock says:

    What happenned to Mark Mathis?

  79. Rosemary Macedo says:

    Hi Maryann, just wanted to wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, on Wednesday. That is my anniversay too. It will be nine years for us.

  80. Maria says:

    I like Maryann. She is very professional and doesn’t try too hard unlike Julissa . I will miss watching you and Nick but as long as she is back I will not watch.

  81. Michael Crites says:

    What happened to NIck?

  82. Cindy says:

    I have not seen nick for about 2 or 3 weeks. Where is he? His bio is no longer posted on your site.

    1. carry fegley says:

      think you owe to tell your faithful viewers what happened to nick cant beleive it is such a big secret cant beleive you keep cody and let nick leave

  83. Punkin Legris says:

    where is Nick?

  84. Fowler Dirk says:

    Where is Nick? His bio is gone! You guys need to be more up front when some leaves. Nick is GDS…along with you Marianne! Mark Mathis also left but no one know one know what happened to him. I bet there is a tif with Don G.

  85. Frank Folger says:

    GDS is Maryann & Nick well Nick Gone Maryann is Missing so this Guy is Moving On. Are Family has Loved watching u guys over the Years Good Luck to All

  86. lois mendonca says:

    Please tell me where Nick is . Imiss him and hope he didn”t go anywhere. Love you guys. You make my mornings

  87. Dee Tee says:

    Where is Nick Toma??????? Did he go back to New Jersey/New York???? I miss him!!!!!! WHERE IS HEEEEEEE??

  88. Barbara Castle says:

    WHERE IS NICK TOMA?????????????

  89. Mike from Fairfield says:

    Marianne, I personally thought you and Nick were a good yin and yang. I don’t know who will be sitting next to you on a regular basis, but I’m hoping they aren’t planning on sweeping you out also. I mean come on, look at the staff both producing and reporting, my gosh what a turnaround. And those best wishes also go to that pinay Tina

  90. Lee says:

    Love what you bring to the show and am worried about you and a handful of others. Can’t believe the management is choosing to replace CLASS for CRASS…sure you know who I mean…for your sake, I hope you do what I’m doing…saying “GOOD BYE” to Good Day……sad

  91. Gail B says:

    Hi Marianne, I have watched goodday since about 1996 and can’t miss it. While in the hospital for 1 month after my auto accident I couldn’t sleep so I would wait until after 10am to let them give me anything to help me. Sometimes a nurse would come in my room think I wasn’t watching tv and change the channel, my mouth was wired shut because of my broken jaw so I couldn’t talk, I would let out this horrible scream until they would put it back then I would hear them talk about me at the nurse station. Thanks for such fun. Just love most of you. by the way where is Nick? I figured Mark Mathes got fired(to bad) But Nick, he is such a cutie.

  92. Leah says:

    I have been watching GDS since March 1996. I am so sad that Nick is gone and instead of the handsome, charming, personable Nick Toma, we have Don G. I feel as though I have been watching GDS go down the tubes. I love you, Mark S., Cody, Tina, Courtney, Ju and others, but I can not watch weekdays any longer. Maybe I’ll just watch Cody and whoever they throw in on the Weekends….but I guarantee if they put Don G on the weekends, I’ll quit watching that too! Best of luck to you all!

  93. GDFan says:

    where is nick? another mistake to let him go! very disappointed he is no longer on gds, i just started watching again.
    whats next, you plan on canceling the entire show! why not, you hire all the wrong people and you fire all the wrong people! people will stop watching because the producers dont know what the hek to do!

  94. laura says:

    I am so unhappy with the way your show is going. You have gotten rid of my favorite people. Glad that you are still there. I have watched since day one. You and Nick T. were a good match for TV and now he isn’t there or Stephanie. . They could now call your show the Mark S. as he has taken over. I hope you will answer thanks in advance Laura

  95. mike says:

    what happened to nick toma

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Marianne,
      My husband and I love watching GDS, it is so refreshing in the morning. But what happened to Nick? We watch everyday we are home and not heard anything about him. Mark S. and you are doing a great job of holding down the fort, but I don’t feel Don is working out. Hope you guys can get it figured out.
      Cody is doing a good job holding the weekends together. Will be glad when Lori gets back.

  96. Gloria from Rio Vista says:

    Hi Marianne,
    How are you? I hope you read this soon, because I was watching the show today, and I noticed when you came back from break you burnt your clothes with a “REVLON” curling iron! That is just wrong… I wanted to contact you before you go buy a new curling iron to let you know that my sister is a cosmotologist, and she recently about 6 months ago purchased an “In Styler” it flat irons, or curls, and combs through all your natural oils! I have been using this product along with many other people I know, and we all love it, and it is convienient. It heats in a minute, you can fit it in your purses, or use it for even fancy do’s. Keep this in mind… it is alittle more pricey than the Revlon brand, but it is worth it.
    Hope this helps.

  97. Lisa V says:

    Marianne, what happened to Nick Toma? Can the staff please tell us all who are wondering why he is no longer your side kick? Anchors dissappear without giving us viewers time to say goodbye; I think we deserve better than that, thank you.

    1. Robbie Smith says:

      Marianne and Nick were the perfect Anchors. And to lose Nick with no explanation is very rude. His fans (like me) would like to know where he is , so we can still see him. Don’s voice is way irrateing than Mark M and to lose the Smooth voice of Nick Toma is just crazy to let go. I love Mark S. Allen’s creativeity and his real care for good causes and Tina’s thoughts for the day and cort’s style and energy and Ju’s great big smile, but now I’m sad. Please bring back Nick Toma. Your fan, Robbie

  98. Alma Stout says:

    . I just watched the supposed interview that you did on the Queen and it was gross. It was humilating+ And it almost made me sick to my stomacjh.

  99. Debbie says:

    What happened to Nick Toma and Mark Mathis? I miss them both. Haven’t seen Mark in about a month or so and haven’t seen Nick Toma for about two weeks now. Oh, by the way you are the best anchor on the show.

  100. Sandra Burdi says:

    Good Morning Marianne…Just read on FB that Nick is no longer there. WHAT!! I am so very disappointed. The two of you have been there since day one. Is GoodDay letting people go or are they leaving on their own free will…better offers elsewhere?

    It does annoy me that nothing is ever said and we have to 2nd guess or read it through the grapevine. I guess thats show bizz.

    Well I hope you and Tina don’t leave now…let the biggies know that they are going to lose a lot of viewers…I already watch Stephanie on Fox at night.

    Goodday to you,
    Sandra of Folsom

  101. Jacki says:

    seriously…WHERE THE BLEEP IS NICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will not watch anymore. And shame on you Maryann ,without Nick you’re not so good. the way everyone keeps getting fired maybe everyone should start looking for new job’s

  102. Lily says:

    ok, here’s hoping you answer me. where is nick toma?????? and know it wasn’t a good leave….because if it was,thre would have been a good-by for him…something would’ve been said on the air,but to tell us nothing,that is soooo wrong, we are your fans, us watching your show are why your rating go up or down, and you guys think that we don’t have the right to know, i miss seeing him, he complied you. it was maryann and nick…or nick and maryann, let me know k……

  103. Alma Stout says:

    I agree wiith Jackie. Where is Nick???????

    1. LORA says:

      yes where is Nick Toma is he fired or did he move on , if he moved on we deserve the right to at least no you all have become a part of our mornings ………….

      1. Terry says:

        I agree!

  104. Terry says:

    What happened to Nick?

  105. Catherine says:

    Hey, where did Nicki T. go? I loved his Nick’s Joints and miss seeing him in the morning. Thought he might be on vacation but didn’t see his picture on your site anymore. I enjoy all the different personalities but if someone is leaving give us some warning…you guys become part of the family after awhile.

  106. Diana says:

    Marianne, What really happened between you and Nick?

  107. Diana says:

    Marianne, I used to love, love the show, but since the addition of Don G. the show has really gone down hill. Honestly. Where is the integrity of the show gone? And why the secret departure of Nick Toma? A little HONEST info. goes a long way.

  108. Ann says:

    Marianne, where is Nick; I checked the show again on Monday May 2, 2011. and still no Nick; miss him and you (Marianne) and Nick are the dynamic duo. I have been watching the show since it started and when one leaves the viewers want to know!!! I think I missed Nick’s annoucement that or even he was leaving Good Day. Also, Mark Mathis left??? Not really missing him but hope he found a job that better suites him; goodday is not one of them!!! Thanks; looking forward to hearing from you; Ann in Grass. I have had a hard time getting on the web

  109. KYMM MILLS says:


  110. Patti Caulder says:

    Where are you hiding Nick?

  111. Evelyn Ramos says:

    I know you guya recieved a tons of emails! But is it true that Nick left the Show? and i heard through sources that nick had left the show because of family problems?? and now because of he got a better offer?? its a little confusing for viewes to understand what its EXACTLY going on and we love you guys ver much and love ur show, BUT we have the right to know even if its a incy bit personal we miss him! did he still get a lot of gigs with his Band? let us know ASAP! AS U CAN TELL PPL WANT TO KNOW! 😉

  112. Evelyn R says:


  113. Ken Hovey says:

    where is Toma?

  114. Hi Marianne says:

    Hi Marianne, my mom & I watch almost everyday, well she has a huge vinyl record collection as well as 2 Amber Agate rocks (14oz ea. approx.), & would like to know what, if any, they might be worth? Would love any feedback, even if just to point us in the right direction.. Keep up the good work!
    Neo & Rocky!

  115. Bob says:

    Where is Nick Toma? I feel sorry for Marianne, Mark, & Cody. The show is no longer GDS without NICK & MARIANNE. Thanks alot don.

  116. Judy says:

    Where is Nick & Mark Mathews?????

  117. Duane says:

    Where is Nick Toma?

  118. Dee Dee Holcher says:

    What happened to Nick? I never heard where he is or even if he left the show.

  119. T says:

    Phil Cowan would make a nice co host for Marianne…

  120. Karen says:

    Please let us know what happened to Nick Toma, it makes people think bad things when you won’t say where he went or even that he left.

  121. Bob says:

    I read that he had an argument with marianne during a commercial break. After the commercial he was gone… Then they said “vacation”, then they said he called in sick for 2 days. I know from a reliable “inside source”. Nick is gone and so is the shows heart & soul.

  122. Donna G. says:

    I went on vacation…came back…and no Nick. What happened? Is he on vacation?

  123. Charlene McKanna says:

    Hello Maryann concerned viewer from Yuba City, I have not seen Mr Nick Toma on Goodday with you whats up?

  124. cgarcia says:

    Marianne … What is happening? Where is Nick? They should get rid of Alan instead!!! He is useless, unattractive, and mumbles! Why Nick? Marianne HELP!!! GDS Justice Please! Bring back Nick – Get rid of Alan!!!

  125. nina says:

    Hi Marianne. I love your show. The promo, give us a week, worked for me. I have been watching the show since then. Keep up the good work. By the way, where is Nick Toma? He is not on vocation. (is he?) Where is his Bio? Hope all is OK with him. My husband says “Don got his job”. Is that so? Any way, Keep up the good work.

  126. Carol Warf says:

    Hi Marianne, did I miss something?? I sure am missing seeing Nick next to you. Where is he??

  127. Denise says:

    Where is Nick? Don G is a blowhard and I cant stand him, please get Nick back so I can continue to watch, cxant watch when the blowhard is on, he makes my skin crawl. 🙁

    1. Lisa says:

      hahahah I refer to Don G as a “Blowhard” too! I turn on GDS every morning hoping he is gone…then there he is, so I turn to 12…12 isn’t so bad, the weather guy is funny and they have more informative news. The fact they won’t say where Nick went is fishy. Him and Don were “bro’s” and now Nick is gone…now Mark S. and Don are “Bro’s” is Mark S the next one out?? Did Don G EAT nick????

  128. kurt says:

    Hi Maryanne, Where did Nick Go. i have been watching for years and would expect some info from the Network etc… It seems wierd he just dissapeared. If you all want the viewers to feel like family then you all should let us know why we lost someone that has been there forever!!! thanks and nice feet!

    1. Alma Stout says:

      pLEASE DON’T be alamed but you guys make me sick,. we ask questions and you all just shine us on,
      I feel like just fgoing over to another station folr our NNEWS….

  129. Danielle says:

    WHERE IN THE HECK IS NICK?! Don G comes on and makes comments on his afternoon show about Nick how he can “be a better anchor than Nick!” Get this jerk off the show!

  130. Babs says:

    Marianne, My husband and I have been watching since day 1 of the program. We both enjoy you very much, but have noticed that your professionalism has slipped. Not that you were a prude, but now we think that you are just a little too lax and some of that professionalism has been dumped by the wayside. Whatever happened with Nick is very sad, but change is good and we all have to accept it, like it or not. Please bring your standards back up to the way they were when your started 15 plus years ago. We will continue to watch with some pain from 6-8, but then there is the rest of the program we do enjoy.

    1. Carolyn says:

      Marianne, I too,have watched for at least 14 years. I hung in there with Mark S. It took him years,but he fits in pretty good now. Could use a little humility,but he’s getting there. I enjoyed Chris Burrows, missed him when he left. but kept watching. Was APALLED when Mark Mathis came on the scene.I couldn’t watch when he was on. But I kept checking in, knowing that whomever hired him would have to wake up and hear the ratings falling. And finally,finally HE WAS GONE!!!! Breathing a very heavy sigh of relief, I could watch and enjoy my mornings again. And then one Friday morning toward the end of the show I notice Nick Toma looks totally shaken. Having NEVER seen this man not in complete control before, I was scared. When he wasn’t on the next week, I thought,is he on vacation? The next week, the same. Okay, it is painfully clear Nick has left the building. WHY??????? I agree with MANY others . . . . . . WE WANT TO KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!! THAT IS IT,FOLKS. . . .It took many years but I will no longer watch GDS week days. I will continue week ends with Cody as long as “the men upstairs” doesn’t mess with him, also. NICK TOMA YOU ARE MISSED! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Don should have left with Mark M…….he shouldn’t even be on radio. . . an anchor ? ? ? only on a boat ! ! !

      1. Lisa From ElkGrove says:

        Anytime someone posts what seems to be reason Nick “left”…CBS deletes it. Google Nick Toma and you should get the links to the bruhaha over some thin-skinned author who was totally rude to GDS anchors a while back. For some reason, bloggers keep saying this is the reason.

  131. says:

    Where is NIck?

  132. vonda eastman says:

    can you tell me why nick hasn’t been on the show for the last couple weeks and is still not on thank you

  133. Mr. Disney says:

    I’ve been a LONGTIME viewer, since the days of you and Stew. Im not sure what’s happening with the show but it seems like when you’re not part of the cool kids club they get rid of you. What gives? (Jackie T, Chris Burros, STEW, Stephanie Cruz and now Nick Toma) I cannot stand that uncharismatic, yapping about his wife, smoker’s voice sounding, looks like the uncle trying to hang out with the kids, Don Ger-snore- a-mo. I cannot watch anymore. Change is good BUT if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

  134. Penny says:

    What happened??? One day, I’m watching Nick and the next day I’m not????? One day, the nut case, Geronimo comes on and never leaves and Nick is gone???? What did I miss????? I’m hoping it was Nick’s idea as he had a better place to move or he’s on an extended vacation. I have watched this show, every morning before I leave for work, even before you were on it and I have seen how they “POOF” (and you’re gone) people. Now the foundation of the show seems to be scattered as if the powers that be are trying out everything and everyone for some sort of change, they hope, for the better???? I’ve seen all the changes, hard as they are to take, and I am still watching but I sure missed seeing Nick’s disappearance. How sad to be replaced by Geronimo…he need’s to stick to the radio…so you can turn him off or go to another station….I like GD but turn to MUTE when he’s on….Sorry, sad but true. Penny

  135. Kimberly Niles says:

    I have been watching every day for years and years…….Where is Nick??!!??
    Sometimes closure about these things are better than no closure at all..

  136. Kimberly Niles says:

    What happened to Nick Maryanne?

  137. Joan says:

    I would really like to know what happened to Nick Toma? He was a buffer to all the GDS craziness that gets a bit overwhelming at times. Watched him for years and all of a sudden he’s gone. I’m starting to watch other news channels. Some of the current and new folks are not cutting it for me. Getting kind of tired of the non-news stuff.

  138. Mario Ruelas says:

    What Happend to Nick Toma nobody say’s anything about him and sorry to say about Don in my book’s not good Bring Back Nick Toma

  139. Michael Z says:

    I might as well jump on the bandwagon and also say “where is Nick Toma”. It is ridiculous and unprofessional that there is not one word mentioned. Nick has been a fixture on this show for 10 years it’s like he never existed. Can someone AT LEAST simply mention that he is no longer on the show or that he’s on some sort of personal leave of absence. SOMETHING? No personal details have to be disclosed, just ACKNOWLEDGE that he once existed for goodness sake! It’s just ridiculous letting all the viewers guess and wonder what happened. Not just Nick , but all the other recent GDS personalities that “mysteriously’ dissappear. I’ve been watching since 1997 and no longer enjoy the show. Seriously.

  140. vonda eastman says:

    when will nick toma be coming back or will he

  141. Sylvia Johnson says:

    I would really like to know what happen to Nick Toma? It makes you all look bad by not at least letting your audience know what happen to him. I doubt he’s coming back because he’s no longer in the bio..
    Sorry to say, GDS is not as good anymore with all the changes.

  142. Grace says:

    Can someone answer the question, where is Nick?

  143. Debbie says:

    It saddens me to see what this show is becoming. It has been a wonderful show that I have watched religiously since its beginning. I understand that you all may have been forbidden to make any comments as to Nick where abouts, however I cannot continue to watch the Don Geranamo Show. He is a pompus ass, with bald mans complex. He is so full of himself that there is no room on the set for those of you that are truely professional journalists. I will miss your show, and all of the regulars, however since the producers will not listen to the viewers, your ratings should hit rock bottom by mid summer. Tell Don exactly where he should carry his drones. It may be impossible for Nick to come back, however I would imagine they could find a better co anchor for you than that rude obnoxious, full of himself idiot. His Dog might be a better choice.
    God Bless Marrianne.
    A once loyal viewer :/

    1. Alma Stout says:


  144. Monica O'Brien says:

    Ya, Please tell us what happened to Nick Toma? I used to love waking up to him!!

  145. Faye says:

    Please let us know something! Where is Nick Toma?

    1. Karen Z says:

      I been a fan when Nick and you started. I understand people come and people go. We are all human and plus or fans. Please what to Nick Toma?

  146. carole says:

    I MISS NICK TOMA!!!! Please say Don G won’t replace my Nick. Don G needs to go back to his radio station, he gets on my last nerve.

  147. carole says:

    Don G is a nightmare!

    1. Kathleen says:

      OK – I use to see Nick Toma in my neighborhood – always such a nice guy – has real class – just can not stomach Good Day anymore. Someone made a big big mistake. AND no, I do not watch your show anymore. Mix just looks phony – Don G – big jerk

  148. JANICE says:

    Maryann,I have been a fan of the entire staff at GDS. But I have not had a GOOD DAY since Nick left. Where is he? Is it illness, or has he moved on to another job??

  149. Lola Lopez says:

    I think your the best and to hell with all the rest!!!!

  150. Rose says:

    Like others, I’ve been wondering why there’s been no mention of Nick. The show’s not the same without him, and I find myself turning the channel more and more often…I’ve been watching your show for probably 10 or more years and have enjoyed waking up with you guys, but this may be coming to an end if Nick’s gone.

  151. Michelle says:

    Hi Maryann,
    What is going on with Nick Toma??? Is he alright? I love your show, you guys are the best.

    Michelle B.

    1. Steve says:

      Where is Nick. He served honorably for 15+ years and then he just gets the shaft? Now that is gratitude for ya eh? Well GDS has gone in the toilet as far as I am concerned and can remain there. No compassion for someone who dedicated much of his life to the low pay, low morale and bad work conditions the upper management heaped on the staff. Good riddance. Marianne, you had better be getting your resumes in the mail. You are most likely next for the hammer.

  152. Linda Barth says:

    What happened with Nick Toma ??? I have seen the question asked but no answers!!

    1. Steve says:

      Because they fired him like they did Abbot Sutton and a host of other greats with no word. They just let them go. Nice folks eh. I hope their demographics fall off the charts on the Nielsons.

  153. Corrina says:

    Please bring back Nick Toma….the show is not the same and I watch for about 5minutes in the morning hoping he will be there and nothing :(. Good Day is truly missing something SPECIAL with Nick Toma gone. Please bring him back.

  154. Laurie says:

    What happened to NIck Toma? He is very much missed. Did he go back home? Was it his choice? I really can’t handle Don G.

  155. Angela says:

    Is Nick gone for good or did I miss something?

  156. carole says:

    Marianne, Nick Toma fans have the right to know why he was booted of the show he was a very important person on the show and we the people miss him so much. What Happen To Him.

    1. Connie says:

      I along with the rest would like to know what happened to Nick. I have a hard time with Julisa and her constant laughing. I have watched your show since moving to the area in 1995 but don’t think much longer. Like most of the cast and sorry you have changed so much. If you are on vacation hope you are having a great time.

  157. Teresa says:

    I missed it too! Where is Nick Toma?

  158. Cheryl Williams says:

    Hello Marianne can you please tell what happened to Nick when did he leave the show and why? you two are awsome news anchors. Even though I do not miss Mark Mathis where did he go? thank you for your trouble.

  159. Carol says:

    Hi Maryann, I enjoy waking up, (4:30 am) and turning you guys on great show every day! Where is Nick Toma????? Very unlike GDS to behave this way with no mention of what is going on. Is he ill? Anyway I miss him,and I hope he is ok, thank you.

  160. kim says:

    where is nick toma is he on vacation

  161. Cin says:

    I see Nick is not longer your side kick. It seem like when you come into the office and your long time co-worker is not there and no exspanation. Thats how the viewer feel. I thought he was on vaccation and now not around any longer. Not fair, wish we know if he left in good terms and hope he is doing well.

  162. callahan C says:

    Maryann, love the show but where is Nick Toma sic or let go?

  163. Carol says:

    Maryann, where is Nick Toma? Is he ill? The show is not the same since he’s been gone. I do not like Don G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His ego is too much! Please GDS, bring Nick back!

  164. Allan Thomas says:

    WHERE IS tOMA?????

  165. Janet Naef says:

    I am another loyal viewer since 1998 when we moved to
    Grass Valley and want to know What Happened to Nick Toma?

    It really does not speak well of the show when they make no mention of someone who has been such a large part of the show for so many years.

  166. Cindy says:

    Love the show, have been a long time viewer but where is Nick Toma??? Kind of sounds like wheres waldo? LOL

  167. mary says:

    where is Nickk?

  168. Esmeralda says:

    please, please tell me what happened to NIck

  169. kristin says:

    Miss Nick ! Guess I am the last to know? Show is just not the same. I don’t watch as much. Pleas let the viewers know where he went !!!

  170. Laura Taylor says:

    was wondering what happen to nick Toma miss seeing him along with all of you.

  171. adrienne says:

    What happen to Nick?

  172. theresa says:

    I love you all been watching since day one . Please e-mail me back tell me what happened to nick,

  173. melissa Farris says:

    hey what happen to the guy nick Ive been woking was un sure what happen ?

  174. warren says:

    What happen to nick toma????

  175. Dolores Hoerntlein says:

    Hi Marianne love your show but sure miss Nick Toma where did he go I’ve must have miss the announcement of him leaving love to know sure miss seeing him with you in the morning Dolores

  176. Jim Gilbert says:

    Marianne, I feel the need to let you know that since the first day of your broadcast (many years ago) here on Channel 31 my wife and I have been loyal viewers. But ever since Channel 13 took you guys over too many changes have happen for my wife and I to continue to watch your show. The letting go of Nick Toma was the final blow to what used to be the best morning show in the country. I will miss all the origanal cast members who are left (not many) but mainly you and Tina. Good bye Marianne and good luck.

  177. Lisa says:

    Can somebody PLEASE explain what in the world happen to Nick? The show is just not the same and really not as good without him……………………..

  178. Bob says:

    Hello, I have recently moved to Ecuador and now watch you show via live stream. I haven’t seen it for about a month and was wondering where is Nick. I noticed his bio has been removed. Please let me know where he went.

  179. Diana says:

    I haven’t seen Nick Toma on the show for awhile. Is he still there and if he is when will he be back???

    1. tlcarri says:

      I was told Toma has left – he and his co-anchor got into it and got him fired.

      1. JJ says:

        Yep, he was there during the 6 am hour and the next hour he was gone. No one said a word. I thought it was strange and then he was on vacation…then sick for couple days. I just hope he is well.

  180. Rhonda says:

    Is Nick ok at least? I get that you can’t or won’t answer as to his whereabouts, but please let us know. If it’s a contract negotiation situation, show him the money! The chemistry you two have is the best – Don G is a self centered ego hog — is he the reason Nick is gone???

  181. Kathleen says:

    Show is not the same without Nick. Too many changes – not to really find out what happened to a very important anchor for over 10 years is unfair to your viewers. However, sad to say – really no longer watch. The chemistry is gone.

  182. Cindy says:

    Does not appear that you care to respond to your supporters regarding where is Nick Toma. Apparently we the dedicated fanssupporters of Good Day Sacramento are not important enough to its main anchor to provide a response. Very disappointing!

  183. Sheryl White says:

    ok i want to know where is nick toma also larua the weather lady ( can’t spell her last name) are her and nick coming back i feel left out wants going on I still don’t know what happened to Mark Matthis?????

  184. Don K. says:

    Guss my question same as many others, is Nick OK? enyoyed him very much.
    Where has he ended up?

  185. gee says:

    hi mariann.i sent you an not good with comp.i an my wife just want to thankyou again your words an helpfulness ment a lot to us in that time of probly wondering wat did i do or say..well a while back we sent a fax to you asking if you had info on gastric cancer.the info hope us we got her help.but the cancer was so far spreaded through out her body til they couldnt fix wat was wrong the doctors..but your careing /an feelings twords our problems was greatfuly felt an my wife want you to know didnt brush us off when we needed help you got back in touch with us with wat you know that would be we thank you for it.its been a while but we never forgot you ..yor a good harted person..i know your co.workers thank the world of you .we do…but unfort my sister inlaw past away a year later.least we had little more time.with her .if you had known her you would have liked her.she worked for the post office..the gov…she sweet an kind like thats all i wanted to say to you..thanks for may god have a blessing for you an yor family?im gee have a good day mariann

  186. Sandy says:

    Where is Nick ?

  187. Carlos says:

    Wow ! Is that all that Nick Toma was after all these years ?
    He just vanished and no body says anything . Do you guys miss him not being there ??
    We’re loyal viewers and we just care .
    Do you really think Don can replace Nick T ??? I think NOT !! Sorry Don; anyway i love your show but it’s not the same with your better half gone . Thank you Marianne ! Hope to hear something …. HAVE A GOOD DAY in SACRAMENTO 🙂

    1. Kathleen says:

      I think your viewers or ex viewers should be able to know what happened to Nick. He was a great anchor. Lived in my area and always had a smile on his face when I would see him in Bel Air. Had absolutely no ego. Show is not the same – trying to lure back viewers with guest anchors – well just does not cut it.
      If someone who we have watched for years leaves for another position – then I wish them all the best – but this situation – it just stinks.

  188. John McDonough says:


    Been out of the country, obviously Nick has “moved on.” Are you not allowed to explain why or where? Would be interested in knowing where he ended up? Thanks, john

  189. Anthony says:

    you guys are treating Nick like he was Hoffa,,,,he was the only pro there,,,Marianne needs to look over her shoulder- she cant carry the show and keep us informed at the same time. YOUR NOT keeping us informed ! Who the hell do you think you are to spoon feed us what you want……..We all see the writing….your dictating not informing….WERE adults…..everything’s an inside joke..we are not laughing anymore……………….Anthony

  190. jackie says:

    what happend to nick and stephanie??

  191. sandy says:

    where is nick miss him

  192. Rob says:

    I am not going to ask where Nick is as everyone else. It is so repetitive after all this time. But, as he is gone it is more obvious how he had a positive nature with the cast. However, I too will no longer watch GDS. Maybe I never noticed before but most of you seem so plastic or forced. Also noticed that your management took down all comments on the “Contact Us” portion of your web site. It was all pretty negative about the show so I guess I would hide it as well. Tells us someone is at least reading the comments. Hope you guys can ride the storm with the new cast members as well as the older ones because this is one long time watcher who will be no longer.

  193. Jacki says:

    Do you think if it was reversed and you were the one not sitting there anymore would everyone miss you as much as they miss NICK……I’ve tried to watch a few times as I was a long time viewer and just not the same. For everyone to act like he never existed is appalling. Shame on YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Claudia Ernst says:

    Maryanne and Tina. There is no reason left to watch the two classiest ladies fail because of a show that lost most semi inteligent viewers. It WAS a great show. By -the-way, I simply find the other news channels boring. Maryanne and Tina, it is time for you both to find a more secure jub. Contracts mean nothing.

  195. Dee Tee says:

    Hi Maryann, You need put Angel Cardenas as host with you…You guys would be perfect coanchors……Where has he been? I sure hope he hasn’t left either!!

  196. Linda S says:

    i have loved your show since 1996, and i thank most of you for all the laughs and the way you presented the news to you’re loyal & ex-loyal viewers like myself. the last few months have been hell, why would you bring on people like mark m, & don g. you had it and now it’s gone like me and alot of other loyal viewers .Nick Toma you are missed. good bye good day

  197. Lana says:

    Shame on you for not announcing where Nick Tomma is after all these years! He is missed——alot!!!!!!!

  198. Paula says:

    Yes, what has happened to Nick Toma? I have been watching Goodday for many years, but I must’ve missed something along the way because one day Nick was there, the next he wasn’t!!!! Plz, enquiring minds want to know. Oh, different show!

    1. Barbara says:

      This a response to all of you who keep emailing everyone about Nick Toma and his whereabouts!! I called the station awhile back and an individual answered in the newsroom and I asked where Nick Toma went. The response was “he left of his own accord and because of legalities the station couldn’t comment further”. This is why no one is responding to your emails about where he has gone. Call the station and ask them!!!

  199. Cin says:

    I too rarley watch. Stupid move to leave loyal watcher in the dark. At least we shoud have been told Nic was no longer with us!! Good luck! Maybe better off!

  200. K. DeVries says:

    Hi Maryann; what’s a good place to get a facial in either the Carmichael or Fair Oaks area? You recommended, I think, “the Matrix” in mid-town, and I went there and it was fabulous, but I need some place closer. Thanks!

  201. Elaine Earle says:

    I may have a dumb question but How can they even talk about redoing the K Street Mall but laying off all the police and or CSI people? Why can’t they use that money to keep them on the force? I know it is a different account but there must be a way to keep these people working. Too much drugs and gang stuff out there to not have that protection. Please let me know whatever you can about it, please.

  202. Hilary says:

    I hope they didn’t replace Nick with Don G. He’s worse than Mark Mathis!

  203. Anna says:

    I ditto all the Nick comments below. Have been a watcher of Nick and Marianne from the beginning. We Also attended New Year’s event they hosted in 1998/9. Let the viewers know.

  204. Gordene says:

    Just missed seeing you the last couple of days…enjoy the show daily…you hold them all together

  205. Tina says:

    Where did Nick Toma go? So many people asking but I do not see any reply’s .

  206. Lora says:

    I cannot believe that Nick is gone without a word, which tells us what heppened. I have to say that I loved Nick on the show, and do not feel it is the same without him. I am not sure why eveyone is blaming Don, but I know that the amusment that people get from his shock statements will wear off. I miss Nick’s classier honesty.

  207. Richard M. says:

    It’s was great to see that Chris Burrous on KTLA CW 5 News Los Angeles weekends along with Brandi Hitt. Wonder if Nick Toma is moving or has moved down here.

    1. Tina C. says:

      Yes, I saw Chris Burrous on KTLA when down south. A little more reserved than when he us here. Also it would be nice to know what happened to Nick Toma.

  208. Theresa says:

    Maryann, where are you? I haven’t seen you on the show in weeks.

  209. Audrina says:

    You know I miss Nick Toma alot… But I am freaking out that I have not seen you for a couple of weeks. It will not be a Good Day withour a dose of Marianne McClary in the morning. So I am thrilled to see you still have a Bio~there is still hope. Plus I heard this commercial that said “Marianne McClary, only on Good Day Sacramento” 🙂

  210. Claudia says:

    I am asking question’s and need answers “Where is Nick” If they let him go we should know about it after all we keep Goodday on the air.


  211. cristy says:

    I’ve been out of town for a while what ever happen to Nick Toma?

  212. leah says:

    Marianne are you on vacation? I hope you didn’t get fired like Nick Toma!!!!!

  213. leah says:

    Marianne, are you on vacation? I hope you didn’t get fired? Maybe you got smart and left the show since they have all idiots in the am except for Cody and Mark S. Allen……

  214. lori bryant says:

    Oh know where is Marianne!!?? After Nick disappeared I just cringe when other long term fav’s of mine just poof! gone.

  215. patricia says:

    Hi, Maryanne, first mark mathis left no big deal, now nick toma leaves no answer about that now maryanne has been gone for over two weeks now. What gives you are gettin rid of all your talented people and the reason I watch the show if maryanne is gone I will change the channel and watch something else

    1. Carlos says:

      It’s sad they want us to be loyal viewers but they won’t tell us anything , they just sweep it under the mat. It WAS a Good Day Sacramento !! I think we deserve better and let us know what’s going on . No Nick & Marianne , No Good Day !!!!!!!!!

      1. Kerry says:

        I, like everyone else, am wondering what happened to Nick Toma? He has always been very professional and I enjoyed watching him and Marianne every morning. viewers should be informed as to where he went…. It would be hard to believe that he would be fired for any reason. Where is Nick at??????

  216. JBoggs says:

    Just came by for a visit …. so sad to watch the demise of a
    once quality program.

    I do watch the weekend show but since everyone is so quietly
    depressed these days it’s evident that the joy they once had
    is missing. (you can’t fake joy) I no longer watch when DG
    comes on which has permitted me to move over to another

    This morning I thought to stop by for a visit — to see if GDS is
    back in entertainment and quality – nope. It is so evident that
    the staff/personnel are just going through the motions.

    So painfully sad.

    1. Eileen says:

      so ditto on jbobbs comment. the show is not the same although i enjoy tina, mark s., cody, courtney, nick, cheecky (nick’s now wife), on Goodday. What’s going on?????? A there layoffs

      1. Eileen says:

        DG needs to go!!!! He needs to stick to radio……………………

      2. Eileen says:

        ditto on jboggs. sorry for the misspelling jboggs.

  217. abbie says:

    Oh this is not good this station is getting rid of all the great people first Stephanie, then Toma and now Marianne, Who is next? i could make a surgestion D G so sad

  218. Linda says:

    Marianne you are my fav on the show, I think you are so hecka funny!

    1. Howard Mcwhirter Jr. says:

      Maryann I have been busy and did not know you were leaving GDS I am shocked and sad at all the wonderful talent GDS has let go, or are moving on.To everyone at KMAX31 GOODDAY SACRAMENTO. I am going to miss all that left and are leaving this just fantastic show, and it pains me to think you all won’t be apart of my mornings’ will miss each and every one of you that have made my mornings such a joy, and I will miss you all so very much. Wishing everyone all the best in the future and wish we could turn back time , but such is TV. Sincerely Howard Mcwhirter Jr.

  219. sandy says:

    Now where is Marianne??? Is she gone like Nick??? Seems that way. I’m almost ready to quit watching myself, like apparently many others. What are you doing there??

  220. Mike from Fairfield says:

    Marianne, Are you enjoying a vacation and soon will be back? It just donned on me that I haven’t seen your lovely face in awhile, not another change to staffing! I enjoy your banter with whomever is sitting by your side, hope to see you soon.

  221. charlene Hicks says:

    Ok, first Nick has left, now I have not seen you (marianne) in over a week. Don’t tell me your leaving too ?? Sometimes Don gets on my nerves. he’s funny at times, but I think he’s full of himself more than he is funny.. I’d rather just see you up there with Mark and when he has to go out into the field then cody or one of the ladies….anyway, hope your still with GD…. 🙂

  222. ROBERT says:

    i follow you on twitter

  223. bob@dawn says:


  224. DEBORAH says:

    Ms Marianne….did you know that Macy’s is doing presale to date through Jul 20th for 20% off Wacoal and Calvin Klein Bras.
    Since I work at the Country Club store (part time) I would be honored if you would come in and allow us to support (no pun intended) you with some new Wacoal bras. If I an not working at the time please feel free to have my associate number validate your purchase (71168239) and if you feel so moved ….inform my manager Rob Tyson that I invited you. You always look well dressed on set and that pleases me since my concern is that all women are ‘well’ supported. Smile.
    Thank You in advance. Deborah Wise/Macy Country Club/Sales Associate/Intimate Apparel.

  225. Alma Stout says:

    Hi Maryann. Glad to see you back. Thought maybe you had gone the way of Nick Toma. Glad to see that Don G. i going back to radio. He should never have left. He was a dud on the GDS. I always turned to another station when he was on. You and Mark are doing a good job. Just don’t get anymore duds like DG.

  226. JBoggs says:

    My neighbor informed me yesterday that DG is gone (yea!!!!) and that Marianne was back (rumor was, she too may have gone the way of Nick).
    My neighbor said the crew looked happy AND the show seemed funny — So this morning I’m tuning in. (we’ll see)

    Now if the executive idiots for GDS can be replaced/fired for nearly destroying a good thing, and if the new set of GDS execs can GROVEL to Nick and beg earnestly for him to
    come back, then maybe GDS can be saved.

    Nick can always say he had personal family problems back home that needed his immediate personal attention and all
    us LONG TIME VIEWERS will gladly accept his comments
    and celebrate his return (by once again returning to be faithful
    GDS followers).

    So grovel execs, grovel hard, (since you were the ones responsible for just about demising GDS) and with new
    leadership return GDS to it’s once former great morning
    entertainment position. Think about it; the ratings will go
    back up, revenue will increase, the staff will be energetically
    happy once again, and the company can replace their “Comment” box that they removed because there were SOOOO many complaints about the show, and Nick, and
    the presence of DG (boy, that was a bad move!).
    Yep, the accolades, the praise, the admiration from the
    viewers will return in abundance.

    So, today I will tune back in (away from the other morning
    show) and see if quality is returning to GDS (now that DG
    is gone). The operative word here is “Quality”.

    {and fire the execs who made all these poor decisions over
    the past 12 months that brought GDS down and is still
    suffering but trying to make a comeback. Hire new execs
    that are older than 25; hire 45-50 yr olds that are old enough
    to remember when Quality was the best to promote}

  227. Keith Krack says:

    Maryann, love the show have been a long time watcher, I went through a big move and did not watch for a while can you tell me what happend to Nick and why is Cody still on the show (not a Cody fan) and can you do a Tom L. update on what he is doing now.


  228. terrie says:

    WHERE IS NICK TOMA? There is no mention of him his name did he leave?

  229. lisa says:

    Mariannne, you look great! okay girl spill the beans…who did you? Dr.Yamahata, Dr. Osborn, Dr. Greene? am I close..I would love to know so I can pay them a visit myself.

  230. cheese says:

    Hi Marianne, love the show. Unsure how to get on twitter with you. Chese in Colfax

  231. Dorothy Burgess says:

    I too want to know what happened o Nick Toma. The other one they need to get rid of is WHOOO she is not a good asset to GDS
    Also glad they got rid of Geronimo . Nick was classy.

  232. Penny says:

    What’s with everyone with the same hair style????Yuk…That long stingy hair is out, even on babes…Look at your hair in your bio pic. What a difference a cut can make. Even Christina has straightened her beautiful hair (she’s young) and it’s a miss. Tina’s always worn the same style but lately, it needs a cut. What happened to “Ju’s jair”? Looks straight and like straw. Since DG has gone, (hopefully, forever) the show is limping along and showing a little progress toward a happier time. It’s getting back there again, I hope. I haven’t liked it for months, therefore, have turned it off, mega times. It’s a shame. It used to be light, fun, informative, had punch and flair…in a classy way. Lately, (DG) the class has flown the perverbial “coop”. Hope you pass this on to the powers that be!

    1. Bob says:

      Yeah! Your hair! That will fix the show!

    2. Eileen Langlois says:

      I like Ju’s new hair style. It looks easier to take care of and she doesn’t have the time to spend on it now that she has a baby. Plus, long hair is a pain, literally, when those sweet little hands get a good grip on it. In my eyes, everyone on the show looks great.

  233. Jean M. says:

    If “Bob” below is correct ……….why not just tell us. After all, it’s the watchers that make jobs for you all.

    1. Jean M. says:

      Well, I see the post from “Bob” about Nick getting fired is gone now. So feel I will just watch movies on the new 40-2 instead of any local morning show……………….since we cannot “know” about What happened that Nick is no longer here. I have been an avid watcher since day one when Stu and Maryann and a plant between them was what we saw in the morning. It was refreshing then now it must be a lot political and secretive!!!

  234. Lorretta says:

    You can stop asking questions about Nick Toma. Unlike the logo saying “Asking questions getting answers” does not work both ways. We invite you all into our home. I have for almost 16 years, many of us have been watching, caring about all of you. I even wonder how things worked out for Gabe, Abbot, and the guarde at the shack in old place of business. I think we have cared about all of you, and we have been faithful, so explain why we cannot know why Nick left? Seems like it is a one way situtaion. Not nice….

  235. Carla Vargas says:

    Good morning. I’ve been a dalily viewer for 10 years, love. the show.
    Your head is how big? That is whar is known as Big Fat Charlie Brown head!

  236. Chuck C. says:


    Though you would have caught that one Mo!! j/k

    Take care

  237. ron gillespie says:

    Maryann, love you and your show. I do miss Nick……You two had a thing going on TV, you were like a pair that never should be apart. Get back Nick. Youre absolutely wonderful………

  238. koreen says:

    Where is Toots??? I miss him. He is such a funny man….

  239. Laurie says:

    Please can someone tell us what happened to nick, my husband say oh he is on vacation. I said ok but then it has been over three weeks and no nick. Love the show but Where’s Nick 🙁

  240. Pamela Rhymes says:

    I don’t who else to ask the show use to have a gentleman who apraised antiques . I for got his name so I was hoping you would remember him , I have a antique roll top desk that I can not keep just got married again and we don’t have room for it . If you could help me I would really appreacate if you remembered pleas e-mail me back or call me 916-912-3565.

    Thank you very much

  241. John says:

    Since 95 our TVs have been on your show every day where oh where is nick toma fall is coming need to see the brown cord jacket feels like watching my family fall apart sad”……

  242. sammy says:

    where is nick toma??

    1. amy mcgarvey says:

      nick toma is no longer on the show he decided to do other things I miss him !!!! I hope they bring him back!!!!

  243. Chris Rock says:

    Marriane is on the way out folks. Get your bye byes ready!

  244. Shareef Hastings says:

    Maryann, I an trying to get information on a job posting you had on your segment this morning. It was a bar and grill in Natomas but I missed the name. Can you please email me the name thank you very much.

  245. Jack Frowein says:

    Maryann, We uswd to watch you all in the morning and can’t figure out where Nick Toma is. You guys where truly great as a team. I sure hope he will be back. My wife like to watch the weather with Tom Laughlin and he has been gone for some time.

  246. Penny says:

    Marianne, If you haven’t noticed the “supernova” news flash on Yahoo for today, you must open it up and see the real deal. Look and see what you can see….I (and many other workers here) see a phenominal looking creature, thing. Could it be the face of ???? God???? or???? how creepy, yet disturbingly real. It’s easy to see the eyes and the bald head with the chin area a bit more dissolved but there…see it?????

  247. Lisa Offenbaker says:

    I am a terrible sleeper and wake up early no matter when I go to sleep… I am always excited to share my early a.m. hours with Marianne. She was extra witty today. She and her coherts make my morning!! Thanks guys! Missed Tina’s sign this morning.

  248. R. Foster says:

    Marianne: I’m not proficient @ this! Sorry. PLEASE ask Michael Marks to stop referring to his son as “Little” Landon! The name Landon is unique,:) Does well w/o “Little” attached to it. AND the young man it refers to. Thank you.

    The “Little” Old Lady

  249. Bunny Scribner says:

    Please tell me what happened to your co anchor I have not seen GDS in a long time I sure did like him…I don’t live here and where we do live cannot get your show…

  250. Phyl says:

    I still miss Nick Toma. His special spark is greatly missed. Could you let us know if he is OK? And why he had to leave? The show still has not been the same since he left.

  251. Phyl says:

    Again this morning, your program was in SPANISH, why? Many of us do not speak or understand Spanish and you do have a Spanish speaking channel available. Please go back to English early in the mornings so I don’t have to go to one of the other channels. Many thanks!

  252. Johanna Smith says:

    Hi Marianne: I’ve corresponded with you a few times before in the past about the old miner overlooking the Sacramento valley poster and about working a Chico’s when I noticed you might need a necklace. This morning I heard you speak about cinnamon for lowering cholesterol. I’ve been using it for quite a while and I don’t think it made any difference. But…when my doctor said my high cholesterol was probably inherited because I eat so well and exercise alot, he wanted to put me on medication. There’s a woman in Vacaville who has sponsored the Biggest Loser for Vacaville for about a year and a half. She is a holistic healer and she told me to try her supplement Cholestar (K-27). It is primarily red rice yeast extract. My doctor said if it worked he would recommend it to his other patients. So after 3 months, my cholesterol went from 244 to 215! It’s wonderful! She also has a thyroid supplement that even though the doctor says my thyroid is ok, I’m taking this because we believe it’s underactive. We’ll find out in 2 weeks if it works. Her name is Christine Andrew at Individualized Nutrition Services and her numbers are (707)451-4058 and (707)372-3473. Hope she can help you. Johanna Smith

    1. Gina says:

      I haven’t heard of using cinnamon for cholesterol but I have heard that it helps to regulate blood sugar.

  253. lonny says:

    one morning you ladies where talking about a link that would show you who befriended you. any help would be great.

    Love the show

  254. Katie says:

    Hi Marianne, Mark did a story a while back (maybe a year ago) on a shoe repair shop that I believe was in Roseville and he took a pair of your old shoes to see if they could be resuscitated and I’m wondering if you could tell me if they were successful and if I could get the name of the shoe repair shop? Many thanks. Keep up the great work…

    1. Rosie says:

      Look in old town Roseville!!!!!!!

  255. Michelle Herbert says:

    Marianne, PLEASE clear up the question of where Nick Toma is. I have been a loyal viewer for 10+ years. We need answers its not fair to us (viewers) to be left without an answer. I would really appreciate it, Thanks 🙂

  256. ruth says:

    Marianne, You look Marvelous! Your hair, your clothes, that great smile, you are just excellent on the show. Great cast right now, great pull on Angel and John. Keep up the exceptional work, when I travel I stream you!

  257. Carolyn Mannarino says:

    Good Morning Marianne: I am so happy with your hair style today,that I had to write to you. I like it when you have an updated outfit and great hairstyle.

  258. Rebecca says:

    MarryAnn you really need to EASE UP your very apparent dislike of Ken. Your negative attitude towards him is so obvious and honestly is very disturbing. Since Ken began appearing on the morning show, has actually brought myself and several of my stay at home mom friends back to watching and being excited about Good Day again! He is like a breathe of fresh air in a stale aired room.

  259. swissmiss01 says:


    Good Day this just in news flash…. This morning Man caught in the act of hijacking a pumpkin carriage off J Street, downtown Sacramento… I have the pic but, don’t know how to up load??? Please advise… Thanks…

    1. swissmiss01 says:


      I just emailed you the pic of the Pumpkin Carriage Hi-Jacking… LOL

  260. Paula says:

    Hi Marianne, I want to let you know that you, Tina, Mark, and Cody absolutely make my days. Thank you! But it has always been Nick and Marianne in the morning! What happened? Is Nick ok? I really miss seeing you two in the morning. Hope all is ok with him. Take care.

  261. Lin Wright says:

    Where has Marianne gone? Same place as Nick?

    1. DWilson says:

      Marianne seems to be missing in action????

  262. Michelle says:

    It is apparent that there was tension between you and Nick and now he’s gone. It is now apparent you dislike Ken by your interaction with him. Lighten up and be nice to people you are way too uptight. Your queen bee attitude stinks. If someone leaves I hope it’s you next time. I find you boring and your life consists of your cats….. Boring!!

    1. Barb says:

      Quit watching the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea why Nick left and the station has not responded to the hundreds of emails about why he has left so quit blaming Marianne. I think its pretty bad when you keep bashing Marianne on other people’s bios. Get a life!!

    2. lisa says:

      i totally agree michelle…

    3. lisa says:

      i agree with u

  263. Ken S says:

    I hope you had a GREAT Birthday – Welcome to the 1/2 CENTURY CLUB. I am also from Washington (until 1964)!

  264. kelly murphy says:

    im sure u are aware of the recent tradegy of the 9 yr old girl who was hit by a car in stockton ca and killed the shipp family (her great grandmother and grandfather) have set up a trust fund to help pay for the funeral expenses it is with wells fargo and the account number is 5765960835 if there is any way to announce this on the air it would be great

  265. Sherry Lou says:

    Marianne, I am the Sr Vice of the of the VFW Post 4647 Ladies Aux and I am so upset at Hallmark because they have no Veteran’s Day cards with women on them. They are not all nurses in the military we have some very high ranking women in the Military. But if we want to send a card to a woman who is serving in the Military for Veteran’s Day it has to have a man’s picture on it!! I am very highly offended…where to you stand???

  266. Diana says:

    I love your streamline presence on the show. Keeping all the children in line as much as you possibly can. You do a great job! You are very beautiful and graceful as well. I also want to pass along some props to Cody Stark as well. He has been a favorite of mine as well since he joined the show. He always makes me laugh, no matter what kind of day I may be facing. My world, our world needs that! GDS has a very wonderful gift in Cdy Stark. I pray he never “disappears” from this show as others seem to on occasion.
    Thank you so very much for your time,
    Diana Reeser, Turlock

  267. Angie says:

    I would first off like to say that i love the show with you and mark s allen.Now my real question is….How come you guys aren’t putting the word out on the missing 11 month old baby lisa irwine from missouri?????Who cares if she doesn’t live in sacramento,I think it’s very important to get the word out so people know she’s missing,It’s so sad.

  268. Mary says:

    Please tell me what happened to Nick Toma? I haven’t been able to watch your show since he left. I feel like I’m being lied to.

    1. cool says:

      Mary Get over it…

  269. joselynne says:

    u r the best

  270. Terry Evans says:

    I moved to Sacramento in 96′ and have enjoyed GDS eversince,I tink I might still have the VHS somewhere.. after the Real Estate bust, I moved to Denver and then to North Dakota for work (Oil Fielld weeee) but when I got back, my favorite news source was missing Nicky – and although he was a pretty nice guy (probably) I DO NOT miss him, he seemed phoney or wishy-washy and self-asorbed … I don’t see why people are still asking about him, it’s been real and it’s been nice but it aint been real nice, ok that’s just mean and yes I’m being onery, Glad Maryanne (the Glue) is still here tho, wouldn’t be the same … I hear mark on the kids radio station tho … It’s still good to hear and see him, I like the new guy don but will not be connecting Direct TV for now, doing without ALL TV and so far still breathing …

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m so glad nick is gone…hope you’re next.
      Nick was creepy and Mrcus Allen is the worse, hope he’s next to go. You all try to hard and are sudo celebrities at best.

  271. Tiffany says:

    Marianne want to first say i think you are absolutely adoring. I know I’m in the wrong spot for this but I got to try lol I have a question for psychic Nancy, I’m in serious need of remembering were I left my money, I lost on Wednesday. 🙁 I HAVE TURNED MY HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN LOL I need real help

  272. cruz says:

    just saying you look very hot with dark hair….love the show as well…i watch it every morning…

  273. Edy says:

    While watching the show I heard you mention that you like the traditional holiday green bean casserole. Check out Food Network Magazine, Thanksgiving Issue page 184 for a homemade twist on this favorite side dish. I plan on making it.

  274. Marsha says:

    Where is Nick Toma???? We haven’t forgotten him!!

  275. rey says:

    i used to be a regular watcher of the morning show, now i just watch every once in a great while. the show has really changed along with it’s integrity, seems like the majority of the new hires on the the show just do not cut it. the reason i tune in once in a great while now is to try to keep updated on the high jinx of the show , one of the reasons why i used to be a regular watcher. now it seems like the some of the show members act like the new hires in the past and are trying anything for attention . isee you have a new coanchor some how i do not see this guy cutting it either you however are a true professianl in the field along with some of the others that have held their ground on the show (not all) which includes wackiness i will become a regular watcher again when the show regains it’s integrity it once had I am curious to to know whatever happened to the guy that won the contest to receive free training from a truck driving school in sac, now it sems like the usual stories of the haves and have nots why do i want to look out of bathroom window of a house that i never would be able to afford

  276. Tom says:

    Marianne, is there legal reasons why you can’t speak about Nick’s departure? A simple yes or no would be acceptable.

    Ken is doing a good job and I have started to watch a few days a week.


  277. Joe says:

    What’s the difference between the current GDS show and the
    channel 40 morning show?

    Well, GDS seems like I’m watching a bunch of depressed 17 year olds that want to be recognized but instead are just going through aimless motions. GDS “use to be” entertaining, funny, curious, attention holding. Now they are straining to even be
    entertaining. When GDS lost their integrity, their respectability, they lost their chemistry. For example, the current anchors blend like oil and water. I switch elsewhere instead of watching
    these two. They just don’t compliment. It’s like swallowing vinegar … or biting into a bitter lemon.

    Channel 40 seems like I’m watching a group in their very early 30’s; a more mature, pleasantly pleased group. Although, what 40 needs is a bit more variety of show features. 40 is growing on me as I find myself ever continually switching off GDS and over to 40.

    Do you find yourself watching GDS and periodically shaking your head in quiet sadness? The EMOTIONAL UNDERCURRENTs of GDS are tension and depression. And as GDS has brought in “New Talent” it has only split the effectiveness of GDS as a show worth watching. The Elders of GDS (Marianne, Cody, Tina, Courtney, Ashley) are trying to hold on. Julissa, let her go. Enough said on her. Christina is a good fit – keep her. Mark S – I don’t know, he’s just sad to watch. An old guy wanting to be young and fit in – but isn’t.

    The ‘new talent’ (Ken & Amy) are a different breed. Both are disturbingly attention grabbers “Look at Meeee, Look at Meeee”. I’ve personally concluded that GDS is done; at least with me as a loyal long time viewer.

    It’s hard letting go of GDS as I’m totally locked into what GDS “use to be”. But as I’ve watched what GDS has degenerated into today and how many times I currently switch off GDS and switch over to channel 40, I’m finding it’s time for Channel 40 to be my new show in the morning.

  278. cindy says:

    Maryann, you seem really nice, but just boring. I am not trying to be rude, but you really have no personality to be on this type of news show. You can’t even dress the part of the 60’s theme today and everyone else is! It just seems you have nothing to add to the show. I notice it more and more each day.

  279. Ed Bauman says:

    Hello Marianne, I’m contacting you because I feel you would be one to listen. I’ve been watching GDS for a few years now, it’s the regular morning routine for my wife and I. We’ll take the kids to school then sit down and watch for a while – she works in the afternoons at a preschool and I’m a freelance videographer in the San Francisco bay area, so when I’m not working I like to watch the show. We’ve watched through all the on-air personality changes over the years and we’re happy that you’re still there, along with Cody and all the other regulars.

    This is definitely not anything you can take care of, but again, like I said, I think you would be one to listen, and perhaps forward the message to the powers that be. Some days I have a very hard time watching the show without jumping to criticizing something, but… this is all very simple stuff that is easy to fix if someone would spearhead the effort. The camera lenses are dirty, plain and simple. I’ve seen the same smudges and spots on various cameras/lenses for weeks now. For the most part it’s ok, but when the cameras spin around to point anywhere near the sun or a bright studio light, the dirty lenses are exposed. It looks really bad.

    The other problem is the constant movement, the movement, the movement, the camera is always moving moving moving, and sometimes we just want to see what we’re looking at. For example, when shooting a dancer on the stage, we want to see them dancing, we want to see them move, we don’t need to see the colored lights on the grid, we don’t want to see medium shots, we want to see their full bodies moving. There was a Michael Jackson segment months back and a few of the dancers did the moonwalk and we missed 90% of those moves because of the camera framing and the lower 3rd graphics/crawl.

    Something else not within your control but it falls within the same category: the headroom for one of the CHP officers reporting traffic (I forget his name at the moment)… somebody needs to get him a 1/4 of 1/2 apple box to stand on, or simply reframe the shot (but if the same camera is used for others and it’s fine, maybe this one person is just short and needs to use the apple box).

    The grand sum total result is frustration because it instantly knocks the production value down quite a few notches. You guys are definitely better than that, I love watching the show because of how much fun you have and still professionally deliver the news, but I find these few problems disappointing… surprised that nobody there has noticed and/or nobody cares to remedy these issues. Hope someone can take care of it all eventually.

  280. Hey this is a good looking site, is wordpress? Forgive me for the foolish question but if so, what theme is? Thanks!

  281. Lydia Almanza says:

    Marianne, did I hear you say $#@% yesterday during your 4:40 am show? Oh, no you didn’t! Not Ms. politically correct! LOL You played it off well!

  282. Dan D. says:

    Marianne, now that Nick is gone I think you really need to LEAVE! You are the only reported with NO kids! Goodday Sacramento is a local family morning show but, yet you have NO family. Your self centered, better than everyone else attitude really STINKS!! If you really care about Goodday Sacramento you will step down and let someone else take over. Your apparent dislike of Ken is really getting old. I know you have been there a long time but, your NO queen!

  283. Amy Mdalal says:

    That’s my question too….Where’s Nick Toma ? He’s my distant cousin.

  284. Amy Mdalal says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    1. Jeff says:

      Is ken already gone? My Christmas wish came true!! He is terrible and try’s way to hard. I can only hope that he has been replaced! Merry Christmas Marianne to you and yours.

  285. Lisa Drexhage says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I was watching this morning and missed where the house was that was decorated like the Griswalds. Can you please help 🙂

    1. Ed Bauman says:

      I missed this part of the morning, but my wife was talking about this place in Livermore this morning, maybe this is the same place?:

  286. Aimee Morse says:

    Hey Maryann, I was looking for your recipe for your Holiday bark. Could you please post it or email it to me tys. I need it asap, my 25 yr old son loves it.

    Aimee Morse

  287. Banita says:

    Why don’t they get rid of Amy she is rude, talks over everybody when they are doing there stories and has No manners on the food segments, It is embarassing to the show I have stopped watching the weekend show and mute the TV when she is on and go do other things until she is off. I hate having to do that but please teach her some manners. It’s sad:((((

  288. robert says:


  289. Penny says:

    Doesn’t anyone see Heather (I believe, is her name) is the spit’n image of Catherine, (next queen of England) from a 3/4 pose on left side of face???? She doen’t even need to be made up to look like her! Check it out…I think her hair is parted on opposite side, though… Put on a little blush, gown, jewels and she’s a duplicate. She could get paid as a double. Maybe, I’ve missed the comparison on the show but I am a faithful viewer and have never seen the comment…

  290. christina saldivar says:

    Hi Maryann I sent in a pic last week of Jerry rice holding my son and have yet to see it on tv will i be seeing it soon?

  291. Cougar Dating Resources says:

    Excellent weblog here! Additionally your website quite a bit up fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate link to your host? I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  292. Debbie Sherman says:

    (not with pride) but I do listen to Howard Stern in the mornings on my way to work, he had a segment on his movie Private Parts, mentioned was YOU when you had said you watched it more than any other movie but then side noted you didn’t like “him” but did like the movie, you got him good, hahahahahaha, look at you, you went nationwide!!!!

  293. ghost says:

    Maryanne, you are professional all the way! A great role model for new people starting their career 🙂

  294. Brent Baader hired me at KXTV in 1990.
    He wanted to hire me again as an EP at Good Day Sacramento — but then he suddenly retired and told me his replacement would make the hiring decision.
    So disappointed that we didn’t get to work together Marriane.
    But thrilled that you love it here in Northern California.
    I originally wanted to work my way back to L.A. where I grew up.
    But once I landed here I never looked back.
    Even when working in SF I commuted. …Damn near killed me too.
    So I’m winding down my career as a part-time PA at the local TEGNA station instead.

  295. Christy says:

    Where Marianne Mc Clary not same without her is she on vacation been her back

  296. Arlene says:

    Where is the Marianne McClary??????

  297. mary pickering says:

    hi I think you are holding something back about Maryanne it is hard to watch good day with out the truth

  298. Diane Teeple Melo says:

    Where is Marianne prayers if its her health…..

  299. Jane Williford says:

    is she still on the show

  300. Lynette Singer perez says:

    I wished I knew where Marianne was….it seems folks just keep coming and going….did I miss something? I cannot watch every show all morning all the time….Please someone tell us….I hope and pray that she’s okay….Not the same without her….although I still love the others…Tina, Julissa….and the gang….but Marianne is sort of the mother of the bunch….

  301. Marsha Reed says:

    Anybody know where Maryanne went????? Haven’t seen her on Good Day in eons!

  302. Carol Johnson says:

    Where is Maryanne, she is greatly missed from the good day show staffing. Be open and honest, give viewers the transparency we ask for. Where is Maryanne??

  303. Darlene says:

    Seems strange that Marianne said she is coming back soon 8 weeks ago. Sure hope recovery is going well and she is back soon.

  304. Brian says:

    I believe by now Marianne is not coming back

  305. Christy says:

    l message Good day Sacramento they said thought she was coming back but Marianne still recovering from her surgery be back soon but l think Brian mean be right.

  306. Brian says:

    What happened to sap poof gone does anyone know

  307. Sosh says:

    Never forget how you rudely ridiculed Cara Delevingne and other guests. I’m ashamed that my local news station can behave this way and I cannot find a formal apology from Marianne for being condescending and unprofessional.

  308. justlexis says:

    I just watched celebrity interviews gone wrong on YouTube and have never watched your show until that clip with Cara Delevingne. You were childish, without tact and abhorrently unprofessional. You told a talented funny and endearing actress and model that she should “take a nap and drink a red bull”? You should have known the person you were interviewing before being so unaware of the type of sense of humor and personality she exudes.

  309. Theresa Crawford says:

    We are retired and watch Good Day EVERYDAY, so how did Ken disappear without us knowing it? I hope this isn’t another Nick Toma.

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