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Victory High Viewing Party Pt. 4Cambi found a cool hand-made device for experiencing the eclipse.
State Capitol Viewing Party Pt. 5Cody ran into a friendly eclipse viewer who is giving out hugs for everyone involved.
Explorit Science Center Viewing Party Pt. 3Bethany has everything she needs to view the solar eclipse.
Weather Balloon Launch Pt. 3Linda is in Manteca for a big eclipse viewing party.
Sac State Viewing Party Pt. 2Kelly Ryan is with enthusiastic folks at Sac State who are gazing up at the sun.
Cal ISO Pt. 2Alisa is with PG&E associates to learn more about the impact of the solar eclipse.

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Manly Minute: Working and Living With Your SpouseIn today's Manly Minute, Ken has five tips for working and living with your spouse.
Manly Minute: Telling Jokes at WorkIn today's Manly Minute, Ken has five tips for telling jokes at work.
Manly Minute: Style Tips for 40’sIn today's Manly Minute, Ken has five style tips for the man in his 40’s.

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