Best Places For Men’s Haircuts In Sacramento

January 8, 2013 5:00 AM

One decision every man has to make on a regular basis is where he’s going to get his hair cut. Some men are fine with discount salons. Others might choose the closest barbershop while others go to their wife’s salon. For many men, the barbershop is an important decision connected directly to their manhood. It is all about a great haircut in a masculine environment and a little bit of nostalgia. Here is a list of the five best places a man can get his hair cut in Sacramento.

hotrod Best Places For Mens Haircuts In Sacramento

Mike (AKA Hot Rod) poses in his East Sacramento barbershop. (Credit, David Mace)

Hot Rods Chop Shop  

1470 48th St.
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 769-1404

Even if you are not a hot rod or car enthusiast, this place is still a great barbershop. With its black and white tile floor, rolling tool chests at each barber station and bicycle hanging from the ceiling, you almost feel like a time traveler walking into a hot rod parts store from 1950. The owner “Hot Rod” does keep a supply of beer and water on hand as well. This place just screams manly. Of course, it is the haircut that matters and customers seem to love theirs. All the prices are on the wall but many people do not notice and are surprised to pay $14 for a haircut. Make sure you stop by the ATM before getting there because Hot Rod does not accept credit cards.

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img 7349 as smart object 1 Best Places For Mens Haircuts In Sacramento

Despite exterior renovations, customers still line up for a haircut at the La Riviera Barber Shop. (Credit, David Mace)

La Riviera Barber Shop

8744 La Riviera Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 362-4823

La Riviera Barber Shop is a little hard to find, but most people in the area will tell you it is behind the Jack in the Box Restaurant on the corner of La Riviera Drive and Salmon Falls Drive. It is a traditional barbershop with flair. There are no appointments taken here but according to the customers, that is not a big deal. The barbers here are very fast. The shop is clean and comfortable and offers a selection of men’s magazines to read while waiting. Bring a check or cash because the shop will not accept your Gold Card for payment.



Anthony‘s Barbershop
2408 21st St.
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 457-1120

Anthony’s is an old-school barbershop that offers hot towel shaves with straight razors, oils and lotions. The interior is crisp and clean with couches and a big-screen television, perfect for watching the game. To top it off, Anthony’s has a refrigerator stocked with cheap ice-cold beer. You can use your credit card here. Parking is on the street, which can be challenging depending on when you go. However if you live close by, the shop is bicycle friendly.



Axis Barbershop
2850 Northgate Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 800-3233
www.axisbarbershop.comMaybe the best way to describe the Axis Barbershop is classy. Matching wood floors and cabinets and a simple and masculine decor make a strong statement. If that were not enough, the pool table should cinch it when it comes to being a man’s barbershop. The owner, Ax D, moved to Sacramento from East Oakland in 2000 and put his 20 years of hair-cutting experience to work. It is a good thing too because his Sacramento customers love the way he cuts hair. Ax D specializes in fades, all evens and tapers but in reality, he does it all. Axis has a private parking lot for its customers and Ax does accept credit cards.



Barber Blues
625 14th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 258-2583
www.barberblues.netBarber Blues is a traditional barber with an edge on technology. Not only does it have a website, but it also allows customers to make reservations online. Before you make that reservation, you can check the shop’s prices with its online menu. Barber Blues is a very popular barber, occasionally with lines out the door. On less busy days, there is adequate seating and a pinball machine to keep you occupied. If you are not into pinball, feel free to watch the flat-screen television or play a set of dominos. Beverages are also available. As with most businesses in downtown Sacramento, parking is on the street. Barber Blues does not accept credit cards.

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