UC Davis Adding Two Varsity Women's SportsUC Davis is adding women's beach volleyball and women's equestrian to its Athletic Department.
Open Forum Held To Decide On New Women's Varsity Athletic Team At UC Davis
UC Davis Vets Use 3-D Printed Mask To Help Fix Dog's FaceLoca was bitten by another dog so severely that the right side of her skull and jaw had extensive damage. She also had multiple puncture wounds on her face and neck.
UC Davis Accused Of Driving Veteran To Commit SuicideA lawsuit filed against UC Davis claims the university discriminated against a veteran, which drove him to commit suicide.
New UC Davis Chancellor Faces Tough Questions Over Katehi's Hefty Teaching SalaryUC Davis swore in its seventh chancellor today. Gary S. May is a former engineering dean at the Institute of Technology in Georgia.
How Tickles Saved Pickles: Poisoned Pig Healed By Fellow PorcinePickles the pig is as happy as a pig can be, but two months ago, the now 7-month-old pot-bellied pig, was sicker than a dog.
Your Bug Collection May Be Breaking The Law In CaliforniaIf you're a researcher, teacher, or even a student collecting bugs to study, without a permit, you're breaking California law.
St. Baldrick’s UC DavisSeven people are daring to “brave a shave” at 6 a.m. Tuesday, April 12, to raise funds pediatric cancer research. Children’s Surgery Center employees Heather Sims, Melody Hillstrom, Trudee Murray, Aida Benitez-Alvarez and Attila Bertalan will be joined by Bertalan’s wife, Alina, and Lisa Baker, mother of pediatric cancer patient Reese Baker, as they shave their heads.
36-Hour Gaming EventThe first of two "huddles" for Envision UC Davis take place Thursday night at Shields Library. The universitywide brainstorming exercise that began at 11 a.m. today continues to 11 p.m.
News: UC Davis Research Helps Counter Whiskey FraudThe sipping scientists have developed chemical fingerprints for 60 American whiskeys, providing distinct chemical signatures. Translation: The research will help discourage and detect counterfeit and fraud, especially for those expensive whiskeys.
UC Davis' The SpokesThe all-female a capella singing group, The Strokes, performed live on Good Day this morning. They're taking part in HellaCappella 2013.
Researcher Injured By Explosion On UC Davis CampusA UC Davis researcher was injured early Thursday morning in a small explosion on campus, according to a school spokesperson.

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