Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Scientists ConfirmIt likely won't get any easier for the seventh planet in our solar system as a new report has confirmed that Uranus does actually stink like bad gas.
Astronaut Scott Kelly Now Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother After One Year In SpaceWhile Scott Kelly's height and 93 percent of his DNA returned to normal after returning to Earth, NASA confirmed that seven percent of his genes have remained changed and may stay that way.
Elon Musk On First Mars Explorers: 'Good Chance You'll Die'While the tech mogul says humans must branch out into space, Musk admits the planet's first travelers to Mars may not make it back alive.
NASA Is Hiring A Planetary Protection Officer To Protect Earth From AliensNASA is looking to hire a Planetary Protection Officer who would protect Earth from possible alien contamination.
Scientists Teleport Particle Into Space, Marking Major BreakthroughFor the first time ever, scientists have successfully teleported an object into space.
NASA Man: Black Hole New MissionCody has some astounding stories to tell you about space.
NASA Man: Space Poop ChallengeCody has some interesting space-related stories to report.
NASA Man: The Universe is Greater Than We AssumedCody has some interesting stories to tell you that's surrounding in space.
NASA MANLike Sputnik circling the earth, our very own NASA Man Cody details some of the newest space news!
NASA ManOur very own NASA Man, Cody Stark, delivered some news this morning directly from space.
Houston Firm Offers Space Flights For Pet RemainsA Houston company that already sends human remains out of this world will offer the same memorial space flights for four-legged loved ones.
9 a.m. Topic: 'Which star would you like to talk to?'Video of a recent interview between William Shatner and an astronaut got us thinking: Which star would you like to talk to face-to-face?

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