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Show Information – July 2-3/2011

Happy July 4th weekend! From contests to a rodeo, to a 625 pound hamburger, we’ve got a lot going on!


Show Information 4/30-5/1

Check out all of the stuff we’re talking about today on the show. Have a good weekend, and remember, don’t leave home ’til 10!


April 16-17, 2011

Get ready for a fun weekend on Good Day! Don’t leave home ’til 10!


February 26-27, 2011

The Academy Awards are coming up this weekend along with job fairs, the KSFM Naughty Gras, and a video game controller you use while….kissing?!!! That and more coming up Saturday and Sunday. <!–more Don’t leave […]


February 12-13, 2011

These weekend, we’ll show you some Tae Kwon Do martial artists who are in the capital city as preparation for the USAT Qualifiers on the road to the U.S. Olympic Team trials. And, he communicates […]


Show Information – Feb. 5-6, 2011

Check out what’s happening this weekend on Good Day Sacramento!


Show Information – New Year’s Day

Ah, there you are, die hard GDS fan. We’ve been waiting. If you’re reading this during the show, which I assume you are, kick off your dancin’ shoes, take two aspirin, and get ready for […]


Show Information – Dec. 30, 2010

A restaurant with over 100 soda combinations? That’s today on Good Day.


Show Information – Dec. 22, 2010

On Wednesday Doug Brauner, the Car Czar, will be on the show talking about how to save money on your rental car. Plus, the Sacramento SPCA will be in the studio announcing a special deal […]


Show Information – Dec. 18-19, 2010

This weekend we’re celebrating the 4th of July in December. On Saturday we’re going live from Phantom Fireworks for a little fun in the rain. And, Alan is checking out a wellness studio in Stanislaus […]