Chipotle Warns Customers To Check Card For 'Unauthorized Activity'Chipotle has now given their customers a different kind of scare, this one concerning their payment information.
News of the WeirdOne woman’s Instagram account is popular just because she likes bread! See that story and more!
The CW Developing a “Supernatural” Spinoff
Ray J's 'I Hit It First' Video Aims Lens At Kim Kardashian Look-Alike
News Of The Weird!!!Check out all the stories of the day that Julissa Ortiz and Koula Gianulias refuse to read. But guess who'll read them? Mark S. Allen!
Report: Power Balance Hit With $57M Settlement; Plans To Declare Bankruptcy
Sports Libs With Mark
Truck Tracker Update
Funny End-Of-The-World Tweets
Don's Charlie Sheen News
Earthquake In Japan
The Freeway Pooches

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