Mechanical Mistakes

Car Czar

Car Czar Doug Brauner was in the studio today! First he revealed the top 3 biggest mistakes that mechanics make, then he rolled in the Car Czar Show set to tackle viewer car issues, and […]


Why Some of You Hate Me. And Trust Me, You Do.

For over 15 years, Doug has reached millions with his auto advice.   I am many things. A business owner, a small time TV personality, a great friend, and an incredibly loving and grateful father. […]


Of Mice and Men and Mechanics

I admit it. I actually LOVED high school English class. From Irving, to Dickens, to Steinbeck, I couldn’t get enough.  So it made total sense that the above title is what came to mind when […]


Hybrid Hyperbole and the Dumbest Math Ever

    I hate hype. Hype of any kind. The irony, of course, is that I work in television, where there at times seems to be a never ending supply. Nonetheless, I am resolved to […]


Doug The Car Czar

How’s your car doing? It was Car Czar to the rescue! See what kinds of problems our viewers had this morning — and Doug was able to help with.


The New York Auto Show. A Thousand Cool Cars. And a Complete Waste of Time.

New York, New York, April 21st, 2011. As I sit in a dive bar here in New York City, I am desperately trying to count how many auto shows I’ve been to over the course […]


The Car Czar: 10 Things To Extend Your Car’s Life

During the show today, the Car Czar revealed the top ten things you can do now, for virtually no money, that will extend the life of your car significantly!


Why Your Mechanic Has Told You 3,000 Lies. Again and Again.

I don’t know this for sure. But in my imagination it’s clear as can be. The scene takes place several decades ago in a smoke filled boardroom where twelve or so fat rich oilman are […]


Car Czar

Doug Brauner got down to some car questions during today’s show. He talked about why it might be cheaper for you to replace your entire engine than spend thousands fixing what you have. He also […]


Car Czar ответил на некоторые вопросы

The Car Czar, as he’s referred to here and in his home country of Carzuania, took time out of answering viewer’s automotive questions to give us his take on car deals that seem too good […]