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The Car Czar: Carmichael ParkWe hit the road this morning in Carmichael Park with Car Czar Doug Brauner! Viewers were invited to bring their automotive problems and meet with Doug. Steve Turner with Sac Metro Fire joined us with kids who are the focus of an effort by local Rotarians to meet the needs of young people who at risk and explored how Rotarians are doing so with a distinct automotive flair!
Manly Minute: Picking A Good MechanicThere are plenty of competent, honest mechanics out there, but like any profession, there are also some bad apples who have no druthers about putting in subpar work and ripping you off.
Car Czar
Why Some of You Hate Me. And Trust Me, You Do.
Of Mice and Men and Mechanics
Hybrid Hyperbole and the Dumbest Math Ever
Doug The Car Czar
The New York Auto Show. A Thousand Cool Cars. And a Complete Waste of Time.
The Car Czar: 10 Things To Extend Your Car's Life
Why Your Mechanic Has Told You 3,000 Lies. Again and Again.
Car Czar

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