California Farmers: Immigration Uncertainty Costing Millions In Lost ProductivityAlmost 70 percent of farmers around California are reporting labor shortages this year, according to a survey by the California Farm Bureau.
AquaponicsStudents at Leonardo da Vinci School in Sacramento are learning all about aquaponics. Wondering what that is? It’s a way to grow plants using fish and limited water. College students at sac state are working on this too but these kids are getting a head start. They showed us what they do and what they’ve lea
H&K FarmsA school project becomes a successful business for a Sacramento high student. Our Nha Nguyen is live with how this 17-year-old is making his farm work for him and his community.
Soil Born FarmsIf you want to take part in the farm-to-fork movement, but don’t have the land, Soil Born Farms can help. They teach the basics of farming and offer hands-on experience.
Great Art Inspiration SpotsGathering inspiration from the bounty of vineyards, orchards and flowering fields in the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills is easy. However, painting, sketching or taking photos where inspiration strikes is not.
Tina Tries Grape Stomping
Of Mice and Men and Mechanics

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