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The union says DMV managers are deducting pay and even leave time for employees that take more than seven minutes on a bathroom break.
Legally blind, partially deaf, walking with a limp, and stuttering while he spoke, Frank Knight posed no risk to anyone.
Other mayors on the same trip told CBS13 they were not stopped, so why was Anthony Silva stopped? He says he has no idea.
No one is happier about the changes in Sacramento than the chief operating officer for the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau.
The boxes are marked as gluten-free, but could contain wheat, which would be dangerous for people with wheat allergies and celiac disease.
He was still holding onto the leash of a Doberman Pinscher believed to be his dog. The dog was also shot, but it survived and was turned over to the Marin Humane Society.
The vehicles in which Volkswagen installed the defeat devices "included those that the company certified as qualifying for the advanced lean-burn technology motor vehicle credit," Hatch and Wyden said.
County fire Capt. Paul Holaday says one woman was stung 15 times and the other up to 100 times after a groundskeeper using a lawnmower disturbed a hive in an irrigation box.
Seventy-one-year-old Eminiano Reodica Jr. entered the plea Monday in Los Angeles to federal charges of bank fraud and lying to banks.
NFL owners will look west (Los Angeles), east (Europe) and south (Mexico) at their fall meetings Wednesday.
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