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Two people are in the hospital with minor injuries, after their car crashed into a house in South Sacramento.
Opening statements will begin Tuesday in the trial of a Davis teenager accused of stabbing an elderly couple to death last year.
Lawmakers had their chance to at least attempt to change that perception, including getting a ballot initiative in front of voters that would suspend the pay and benefits for any legislator that gets in trouble with the law and is suspended.
A new program designed to keep ex-convicts out of jail after they are released, but over the weekend, police arrested one of the participants that CBS13 profiled months ago.
Camp was put on paid leave by his Sacramento Central Labor Council Board. President Lino Pedres denies the move had anything to do with politics or Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s strong-mayor campaign.
The incident happened along remote Bottlehill Road outside of Georgetown. El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies say a bay area family set up a shooting range on their property.
Brianna Norman, 18, was attempting to cross Madison Avenue well outside of the crosswalk when she was struck by a Nissan Pathfinder.
Many private companies and homeowners have their own back flow regulators that vary in size. Thieves look at the above ground pipes as a potential opportunity for scrap metal.
Former Air Force pilot Karim Watson—along with a network of pilots, air traffic controllers and parents—are trying to make an impact on at-risk kids by exposing them to aviation.
Witnesses say a red Nissan Pathfinder struck a pedestrian and left the scene at Auburn Boulevard and Madison Avenue.
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