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California's Republican candidate for governor says he spent a week living as a homeless person in search of a job to test Gov. Jerry Brown's claim that the state is making a comeback after the economic downturn.
Two people were injured after their car crashed into a bus stop and a building early Thursday morning.
The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa has begun attracting attention in the U.S. for good reason.
Crews were called to a substation near Briggsmore and Claus around 5:30 a.m. Thursday. Investigators say it appears the fire started when a spark ignited mineral oil, which is used to cool the capacitors at the substation.

Guide To Yellowstone National Park

Refer to this visitor's guide to Yellowstone National Park - the world's first national park featuring more geysers than any other location in the world.
Baja Fresh says Sultan Hameed, a franchisee since 2007, can do whatever he wants, just not with its logo on the front door. They terminated the agreement with him more than a month ago—before this controversy even surfaced—for other alleged violations in breach of contract.
For a Rocklin mother of three, a picture of her on a Tahoe beach was a life-changing experience. But it wasn’t the picture itself, it was the reaction from those who took it.
Nearly 300 super karts with drivers from across the United States and around the world are set to speed through the streets of Modesto.
Starting on Friday, watering your lawn more than three times a week, washing sidewalks or driveways, or using a hose without an automatic shutoff device could mean up to $100 in fines in Galt.
Don’t look for a wrecking ball when the calendar turns to August. The fires step will be tearing out wires and removing asbestos. Those are jobs that members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers local 340 will be hired to complete.
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