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The developer sent them a letter a few months ago saying their properties were encroaching on land he just bought, and they were now trespassing. That was news for many of the homeowners who have lived there for years.
Motorists CBS13 spoke to on Tuesday, the day the law went into effect, said they felt they were being unfairly targeted by the new law.
A Sacramento animal shelter is defending its actions after being accused of violating the law by adopting some animals out before they’ve been spayed or neutered.
In the last five years, California firefighters have had to be prepared to fight an average of 3,500 fires a year. And as the state struggles to keep up with this year's intense wildfire season, federal lawmakers are battling over a bill to change the way we pay for fighting those fires.

New Bike Laws?

A new law is about the change the way California drivers maneuver around bicyclists. The 3 feet law begins at midnight, and is designed to cut down on deadly crashes involving cars and bikes But how will it be enforced?
Cal Fire said on Monday that the fire jumping Highway 50 and heading toward Pollock Pines and Sly Park is the worst-case scenario. Crews spent Tuesday night trying to keep that from happening.
Her biggest obstacle is trying to raise $3,500 to get to the world competition. She's $1,500 short, and has less than a week to find it. But staying positive, she already sees herself in Spain.
Evacuees Maria and her husband Pancho say they’ll spend an extremely nervous night in a motel away from the Sly Park home they fear is in the King Fire’s path.
Large wildfires can often create their own weather systems, and the King Fire burning in El Dorado County is no different.
"They know what hard time is," said Cal Fire Capt. Rick Vallejo of his team of 16 prisoners. "We get them at the fire camp and they're on they're best behavior. We're 24/7 365 days with these guys."
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