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It’s heavily advertised and more than 30% cheaper than the gas we’re currently buying. So what IS the deal with E85 gasoline? Who can use it? Can any car run on it? And WHY is […]


Show Information – June 9, 2011

Tech reporter Brett Larson is on the show morning talking about gifts for Father’s Day. Plus, the Car Czar is telling you which cars have the lowest maintenance requirements. We’re also going to a Kooky […]


Car Czar – Keeping Kids Safe In The Car

Car seat regulations can be so confusing and overwhelming for parents that they often end up “doing the best they can.” But, is a parent’s “best try” really good enough to protect the life of […]


Car Czar: Gas Savings, New Car Smell And Viewer Questions

The late night infomercials are relentless. It seems everyone has a solution for some secret strategy to save gas, but only is you buy THEIR product! Does any of this stuff really work? Well actually…the […]


Doug The Car Czar

How’s your car doing? It was Car Czar to the rescue! See what kinds of problems our viewers had this morning — and Doug was able to help with.


There Is No Way I Will Ever Take This Story “Back”.

    It’s just a few minutes after 5pm on this beautiful May evening as I sit outside and watch the cutest four little kids swimming in the pool—an  inauguration of the Brauner Backyard Swim […]


The Car Czar

We all spend out weekends at the home improvement stores with our list of houselhold repairs, but if you can paint, drill, and drive a nail, chances are you can do MOST of your own […]


Car Czar In NY

The Car Czar Doug Brauner went live again from the New York Auto Show. He introduced the new Subaru Impreza, one big reason why this Japanese auto maker is increasing its sales and others are […]


Car Czar In New York

The Car Czar Doug Brauner was at the New York Auto Show this morning. Auto sales are up, but so are oil prices. How will this affect the way people buy cars? Doug gave us […]


The Car Czar: 10 Things To Extend Your Car’s Life

During the show today, the Car Czar revealed the top ten things you can do now, for virtually no money, that will extend the life of your car significantly!