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Mechanical Mistakes

Car Czar

Car Czar Doug Brauner was in the studio today! First he revealed the top 3 biggest mistakes that mechanics make, then he rolled in the Car Czar Show set to tackle viewer car issues, and […]


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The Car Czar In LA



Doug The Car Czar

Do you like the new Honda hybrid? Or is the Nissan Leaf the best fit for your life? The Car Czar Doug Brauner took a peek this morning at the top-selling green-powered vehicles and helps […]



Car Czar At KTHK

We were live with Doug the Car Czar this morning. He took his show on the road to KHTK to help Don G. show celebrate Carmichael Dave’s b-day.



Car Czar: Stuff the Bus/Oil Change

The Car Czar Doug Brauner was live at SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up to promote our Stuff the Bus campaign. SpeeDee is one of the sponsors and a drop-off locations.


Car Czar – Older Drivers

A new study the Car Czar told us about Monday suggests that GRANDPARENTS are much safer drivers than mom and dad when there are kids in the car. We take a look at what’s happening […]


Car Czar – Best Family Car?

It happens dozens of times every week. Someone asks Doug Brauner, The Car Czar, what’s the best all-around, family-friendly car. This morning was in Tracy with his top 5 picks, with a certain “Mommy” twist.


Car Czar Coming To Tracy!!

Get ready, Get set, let’s GO TO TRACY! I will be in Tracy, CA, Wednesday Morning, LIVE, on GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO, meeting you and your car in person! Come to Lincoln Park and hit me […]


On Cars, Cal, a TV show, and YOU.

What a 3 months it’s been. As evidenced by my lack of blogging, one could have easily concluded that too many medium-rare steaks had finally caused my demise, or, as it turns out,  that I […]


Car Czar’s Big Announcement

The Car Czar is taking over the world!!  Actually he’s getting his own show and he made the announcment today!!