Car Czar Pt. 3It may seem a bit strange, but not everyone will receive their gift under a tree or in a stocking; in fact, more and more folks are unwrapping their present in the driveway.
Car Czar Pt. 2Just as our great grandparents likely prepared the family sleigh for holiday travel, Doug Brauner is also helping folks get ready for the holiday in an automotive way.
Car Czar: Black FridayDoug takes a look at some hot gift ideas that may be a bit tough to fit under a tree.
Car CzarDoug the “Car Czar” has some essential car tips to keep you safe on the road this holiday season.
Car Czar: New ChryslerDoug gives us his review of the newest Chrysler model.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug answers your Facebook questions.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug takes a look at a new car trend that is shocking car buyers all over America.
Car Czar: BMWDoug is evaluating the most talked about BMW to hit the market in decades.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering your Facebook questions for all your car questions.
Car Czar: Prius Prime Pt. 2Doug is letting us know if the Prius Prime is worth the hype.
Car Czar: Prius PrimeDoug is evaluating the new Toyota Prius Prime for us this morning.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering your Facebook questions.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug is letting us know why auto expenses are about to skyrocket.
Car Czar: 2017 Smart FortwoDoug is taking on the car that has eluded him for decades.
Car Czar/Potholes Pt. 3The wet weather is here and Doug is giving you some tips on how to keep your car safe.
Car Czar/Potholes Pt. 2Doug is here to show us what happens to a car after hitting a pothole.
Car Czar/PotholesDoug the Car Czar is hitting the streets this morning to teach us how to avoid hitting potholes.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is here to answer your Facebook questions.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug shows us why 30 seconds of automotive attention this week could make all the difference.
Car CzarDoug is showing off the coolest car that’s coming out of Detroit.
Car Czar: Chrysler ScandalDoug is filling us in on the Fiat Chrysler scandal that’s making headlines.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering our viewers’ questions.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug explains the three simple things you must know before you buy anything for your car.
Car Czar: New Ford BroncoDoug is back! Doug gives his take on the new Ford Bronco and revisits his recent trip to the hospital.
Car Czar Pt. 3We’re on Facebook answering all of your car related questions!
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug reveals the top three auto repair mistakes mechanics make!
Car CzarWe’re with Doug checking out a crossover SUV that he has publicly criticized and finding out what made him change his mind about it.
Car Czar Pt. 3Our favorite Car Czar is passionately furious this morning about helping people out.
Car Czar Pt. 2: New SubaruDoug is revealing the all new Subaru.

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