Maine Coast Guard Seizes $200 Million Of Cocaine, Saves Sea TurtlesA Coast Guard crew based out of Maine on the Cutter Campbell returned home Friday after a successful 80-day patrol.
Fireball Whiskey Covers Interstate After Crash Between 2 Tractor TrailersA crash involving two tractor trailers in Arkansas left the roadway covered in Fireball whiskey and shut down an interstate for several hours.
Missouri Woman Seeks Apology After Government Workers Caught Shaming FamilyThe woman called social services to apply for food stamps and she got some judgmental responses from the employee taking the call.
Cemetery Tells Woman They Can't Find Her Mother's HeadstoneAn Overland Park, KS woman got an unpleasant surprise when she went to visit her mother's grave in March.
Transgender Track Athlete Wins A State Championship, Debate EnsuesA pair of transgender girls dominated the competition at Connecticut's girls track and field championships, causing some to say it's unfair.
Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Doritos Locos Tacos On June 13What's better than a taco? How about a FREE taco?
Pickle Juice Slush Is Now For Sale At SONICSONIC Drive-In is now selling a Pickle Juice Slush.
Report: Calls To Suicide Prevention Hotline Increase After Kate Spade's DeathCrisis hotlines have reportedly seen a 25-30% increase in the volume of calls in the wake of the two recent celebrity deaths.
Steph Curry Golfing During Finals, Posts Two Rounds Of 71The two-time MVP is apparently spending his down time during the Finals out on the golf course.
Fashion Designer Selling $1,200 "T-Shirt Shirt"Fashion designer Balenciaga is selling a $1,200 T-Shirt Shirt.
Fargo Man Runs Full Marathon Thinking He Was Only Running A Half-MarathonIf you're a person who runs consistently, you've likely found yourself getting into that "zone" where it feels like the workout gets easier and you can push yourself longer than you originally thought. However, you've likely not been in the same kind of zone this Fargo, North Dakota man was in this past Saturday when he ran a full marathon despite only signing up to do the half-marathon.
Bird Poop Could Help Solve A Multi-County Crime SpreeClues can come from unusual places, and sometimes they land in just the right spot. In this case, bird droppings may turn out to be the crucial clue that solves a multi-county crime spree.
Does My Bologna Have Insurance? Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Crashes In PennsylvaniaOfficials say the giant hot dog on wheels slid off a road and slammed into a pole on Sunday in Enola, near Harrisburg.
Woman Plunging Toilet Finds 5 1/2-Foot Snake In Office Building BathroomStephanie Lacsa told San Diego County authorities she noticed the water level in the toilet was higher than usual when she went to the second-floor restroom Tuesday. When she plunged it, a snake popped up and flicked its tongue.
Naked Man Accused Of Breaking Into Homes, Taking Booze, Using Hot TubOfficers received a 911 call early Sunday from a woman who was house-sitting in Keizer when she was awakened by noises coming from the laundry room.
Man Who Paid Cellphone Bill With Quarters Tied To Utah Laundromat BurglaryInvestigators say the man's father also told them Morgan gave him several rolls of quarters and said the police were after him.

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