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9 a.m. Topic: It Sounds Like A Weird Combo…

Is KFC really selling a chicken corsage? Horrifically, yes, yes they are


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Mark at the Movies – Apirl 12, 2014

Bo Bice Skype’s is in to review “Captain America,” plus we talk “Draft Day” with Kevin Costner & “Modern West” with Jennifer Garner; plus “Rio” with Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Janelle Monáe, Anne Hathaway and Andy […]


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Prom Spending Slips Despite Economic Upswing

With the cost of limos, extravagant dresses and all the extras, prom spending has been on the rise in recent years. But all that spending seems to be winding down, according to CNN.



9 a.m. Topic: I Know It’s Bad For Me….

Whoa Dave!!! In a recent episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, Dave indulged on several delicious-looking deviled eggs then squirted the filling into his month.



Manly Minute: 5 Great Men Of The 80′s

From sports to politics and entertainment, the names that were give in the 80s were larger than life and made an lasting impression on history. Their legacies live on Today.