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    Mistura Brasileira Samba

    Elk Grove is gearing up for the Multicultural festival and the Mistura Brasileira Samba Dance Co. is bringing authentic Brazilian flavor to the mix!

  • 4550319_G

    Sacramento Comedy Festival

    Mark S. Allen went to the Comedy Spot to preview the upcoming Sacramento Comedy Festival. They did scenes inspired by Cody and Laura.

  • 4549561_G

    Rodeo Queens

    These queens wear saddles not sashes! Lori Wallace is getting a tutorial on how to prepare for a true rodeo queen show.

  • CW31

    Hair Growth Helmet

    A new over-the-counter helmet claims to make it easier for hair to be regrown after it has been lost.

  • CW31

    10 x 10 Film Fest

    Ten teams are given ten days to make a ten minute film and the entries are just only the beginning!


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