Join The Good Day/CBS13 Viewer Panel!

Good Day and CBS13 are creating a viewer panel, and we want you to join!

The stations are gathering a group of dedicated viewers who are willing to provide their feedback on a variety of topics, from story ideas to thoughts on commercials. It’s free to join, and every so often we’ll draw names for prizes, just for participating in the surveys! You can do as many surveys as you like, but the more you do, the more we get to hear your feedback and make sure the content we’re providing is something that resonates with you.

So please take a moment to sign up!  The panel is ready for you.

Join the panel



One Comment

  1. Patricia says:

    Love the weeks and show especially with the staff you have on today. Always love Tina, Camby not so much as anchor.

  2. Irene Jones says:

    Hello i would like to say “THANK YOU” for helping me to get a move on with what little life i have left. I love watching you all early in the mornings befor going to work as a Volunter n even when i’m not working as one. Miss Tina you have been very encouraging to me with your signs of “Encouraging Words” , has not always been easy less more acceptable [some of them] to me but, “I Truly Appreciate Them When I See Them” some times i have to say [if she would just move over some i can see what the word is for the day] believe it or not i think you hear me and do just that i live in Elk Grove but i do believe you hear me. All of You All are very encouraging to me just watching you all work together as you do laugh tell jokes n do other things together helps me to be able to get a move on and a brighter out look on some of Life. “THANK YOU CW31” miss irene

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