DAVIS (CBS13) – The record-breaking wet winter has been a bonanza for black widows, daddy long legs, and other arachnids.

“The moisture will increase pests absolutely,” Tom Graston said with Clark’s Pest Control.

That’s because the insects are finding a feast.

Graston is getting an increased number of calls from people being bugged by spiders.

“After last year we are all extremely busy,” he said.

So what can people do to stop the spread of spiders?

“Cut back the vegetation from the structure, make sure you knock down all of the webs, and to seal up the house so they cannot enter it. That would be the top three right there,” he said.

Entomologist Lynn Kimsey with UC Davis said having spiders hanging around the house can be a sticky subject.

“Spiders are actually the good guys. I mean, we have a thing about them because I think people don’t understand them,” she said.

The creepy crawlers have big benefits.

“Think of spiders as being your first warning system for pantry pests,” she said.

Daddy Long Legs are the most common.

“They’re the ones that leave the webbie mess in the eaves and things, and yes, it’s going to be a lot more cleanup,” Kimsey said.

She adds there is little reason to worry.

“Your odds of getting bit by a black widow is about the same as you flying to Mars,” she said.

So while you may be bugged, remember the spiders are actually de-bugging your home.

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