Daily List: 3 Things You May Think Are True – But Aren’t (And Why)
It’s summer! You can’t just eat lunch and then go swimming, you’ll get a cramp!– or will you?! On the Daily List this morning, three things we THINK are true — but aren’t!– and why.
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120-Year-Old Orchard
An Orangevale Orchard celebrates 120 years in the biz. Five generations have run the 20 acres, which is now growing more than 40 kinds of peaches, 20-plus varieties of plums, two dozen kinds of nectarines plus a wide assortment of other fruit.
This morning Good Day gets the story behind their success.

Tom Tomich Orchards
6331 Filbert Ave., Orangevale
10 a.m.-4 p.m. daily now through Thanksgiving

Road Trip Survival
Are you hitting the road this summer with the kiddos? Slug Bug will only combat backseat boredom for a little while! Before you step on the gas, we’ve great ideas help you and the kiddos survive the summer road trip!

2017 Special Olympics Nor-cal Summer Games
UC Davis
June 23, – 25, 2017

Train to be an Olympian
24 Hour Fitness will host the first phase of live tryouts to find the next Olympic hopeful, a first-of-its-kind program, led by the United States Olympic Committee to build a pipeline of world-class athletes pursuing an Olympic sport.

The Next Olympic Hopeful Tryouts
Saturday, June 24, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
FREE to the public
24 Hour Fitness Folsom
1006 Riley Street, Folsom

Hollywood Hustle
Interested in breaking into Hollywood?! One guy did it and is still going strong, but he got a lot of help from his mom.

Hollywood Hustle: Breaking in and Staying in
One-Day Summer Class (Non-Credit)
Saturday, June 24
Sierra College Rocklin Campus (Classroom: C-5)
5000 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin


Doggie High Chair
The founders of “Bailey Chairs 4 Ddogs” join us in the studio. The high chair allows dogs suffering from megaesophagus to digest their food.

Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs

Thorn, NorCal Boxer Rescue

Mistakes to Avoid When You Communicate With Millennials
Tiffany Edgar, the author of Human Communication, cautions there are three big mistakes when contacting Millenials.

Learn, Love & Grow Studio Babysitter Workshops
Summer is quickly approaching, and many of our teens are gearing up to babysit for neighbors, friends, and family in the community. For many young teens, babysitting is their first job and the beginning of habits that will last a lifetime

Babysitter Workshops
Learn, Love & Grow Studio

Man About The House
It’s summer road trip season! Our man about the house talks packing hacks and traveling in the car with kids.

Kops-n-Kids Camp
To donate, or if you want to attend summer camp next year, visit Kops N Kids Sacramento Facebook page and make sure to register. Summer camp registration is always open during March http://www.kopsnkids.comwww.kopsnkids.com.

Imaginary Tricks
A local husband and wife team with a love of music (good music) decided to start a label of their own! Now with help from friends in the music biz, they’re representing bands all over the country.

Imaginary Tricks with Madeline Kenney, and PREGNANT
Saturday, June 24
The Red Museum
212 15th Street
Downtown Sacramento
Tickets: $10 at the Door
Food will be made by Jesse Solo, the Outlaw Cook, and a very special art installation by Jared Tharp.

5 Tips For Facial Hair
There’s a huge range of facial hair choices out there, and not everyone wants to be a lumberjack. In fact, the idea of having a mustache that hangs down over your upper lip may give you the willies.
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Giada Valenti
Singer Giada Valenti makes Baci di Dame dessert for us and tells us about her upcoming PBS special (see below) as well as the release of her new single, “Como La Flor”.

Olympians Visit YMCA
USA Track & Field is in town for USATF Outdoor Championships at Hornet Stadium this weekend and bringing the heat to Sacramento.

USA Track & Field’s RunJumpThrow: http://www.runjumpthrow.usatf.org
USATF Outdoor Championships, June 22-25:


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