CBS Local– There are seemingly endless studies boasting the benefits of one or two glasses of wine per night on long-term health, but new research is challenging that notion.

For a new study appearing in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs researchers analyzed 45 prior studies that concluded moderate drinking if beneficial for one’s health, and likely to the chagrin of many, they have essentially quashed those findings. The main qualm the researchers have with the previous studies is their definition of “non-drinkers.”

“We know that people generally cut down on drinking as they age, especially if they have health problems,” says researcher Dr. Tim Stockwell, director of the Centre for Addictions Research at the University of Victoria, in a press release. “People who continue to be moderate drinkers later in life are healthier. They’re not sick, or taking medications that can interact with alcohol.”

Stockwell isn’t saying to completely throw those studies out the window, but to definitely take it into consideration.

“We can’t ‘prove’ it one way or the other,” says Stockwell. “But we can say there are grounds for a healthy skepticism around the idea that moderate drinking is good for you.”

Maybe most of us just want to believe that a little bit of alcohol consumption can be healthy.

“The notion that one or two drinks a day is doing us good may just be wishful thinking,” said Stockwell.

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