ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Police are looking for who may have killed a person and left them in the trunk of a car in a Roseville neighborhood.

People living nearby say a woman’s body found inside the trunk of a car on Gerry Way on Monday morning.

“[It’s] kind of strange being in our neighborhood because we have never had this kind of crime,” said William Avila.

He has lived on Gerry Way for 30 years.

“Unusual,” said Avila about the car. “No one in the neighborhood knew who it belonged to.”

He says a woman’s body was found inside the trunk of the sedan, which had been sitting on the street for about a week.

“Another neighbor had found a foul smell, seen flies. Saw something dripping out the bottom of it,” said Avila.

“They noticed a characteristic odor that they thought was suspicious,” said Dee Dee Gunther with the Roseville Police Department.

She says the car belonged to the person found in the trunk.

“The location of the body was very suspicious,” said Gunther.

Neighbors say investigators spent hours collecting evidence, including a purse left sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Details about the suspect and how the woman may have got to the Gerry Way location remains a mystery.

“As far as I know at this time, the victim did not have a connection with that neighborhood,” said Gunther, “So, it’s possible that’s just where the car was left.”

Police are left searching for answers.

Meanwhile, Avila is calling on his neighbors to act on their instincts.

“The more people that call the cops, the sooner you’re going to get action,” said Avila.

Police haven’t released the victim’s identity.

This is the Roseville Police Department’s first homicide investigation in three years.

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