SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — An unusual rescue operation in the Delta today has turned controversial.

A rescue group removed six pigs that were left on an island years ago. Now, some Delta residents say the pigs weren’t rescued, they were stolen.

It’s a pig rescue that’s getting push back. A video shows non-profit animal rights group Farm Sanctuary arriving to rescue these Delta island pigs, first placed here years ago to eat overgrown vegetarian.

“All we’re trying to do is get them to a safe place,” Farm Sanctuary Director Susie Coston said.

Coston says they received a tip the pigs were in trouble, abandoned, and starving. Coston says the island owner signed papers allowing her to remove them. Her 10 person crew brought the pigs to the UC Davis Animal Hospital for examination.

“We went through all the legal channels and we got permission to get them and we took them in,” Coston said.

Blair Hake disagrees.

“Oh, I definitely think they were stolen,” Hake said.

Hake is the director of the California Delta Chamber of Commerce. He says the community was caring for the pigs.

“They were running free, they were happy they were fed,” Hake said.

And there’s another twist in this pig tale—Roger Stevenson says the pigs are rightfully his and he’s called the sheriff’s department.

“And they’re doing some investigating, and some following up but I consider this a theft,” Stevenson said.

Suddenly this Delta community is facing a pig problem.

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