Daily List: 3 Things to Ditch When You’re Downsizing
Many of us dream of a simpler life,  but what should you start getting rid of, and when? On the Daily List this morning, three things to ditch when you’re downsizing!
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Allie Studio
Love where you live! As students, we show off our school colors right? As adults, show off your love for your neighborhood! A local shop is helping you show off your neighborhood love!

http://www.alliestudio.com is open 24/7!

Perfect Attendance Surprise Party
One local 5th grader is absolutely perfect! She’s never missed a day of school even after a house fire this past Thanksgiving almost destroyed everything she owned! Today we give this Grass Valley soon-to-be 6th grader the attention she deserves!

Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop
Open Daily
457 Sacramento St.Nevada City

Palace of Fancy
Alhambra: Sacramento’s Palace of Fantasy!! A local filmmaker is paying homage to one of the city’s grandest venues that met an untimely demise!! It’s the stuff of local legend: The grandest movie palace of all, the Alhambra Theatre, reigned over Sacramento from the day it opened in 1927, back when black-and-white “talkies” were all the rage.


Zoo Animal Dads
With father’s day fast approaching, it’s time to give some love to the dads at the Sacramento Zoo! Today we’ll meet a few fabulous animal fathers! Plus the zoo has a big father’s day BBQ coming up!

Father’s Day BBQ
Sunday, June 18
3930 W. Land Park Dr.

Sacramento SPCA Adoptions
Wed – Sun: 11am – 6pm
6201 Florin-Perkins Road

Baseball Swag
Check out some of the fun swag you can get at an A’s or Giants game!!!

Fri, Jun 9 vs Twins 7:15 PM – Buster Hugs Blanket
Sat, Jun 10 vs Twins 1:05 PM – Will Clark Jersey Cap
Sat Jun 24 vs. Mets 4:15 pm –  Giants Retro Bobblehead
Sun, Jun 25 vs Mets 1:05 pm – 50th Anniversary Summer of Love Blanket


Lazy Dog Ice Cream Truck
A Grass Valley couple drives all over to sell their house-made ice cream bars.

Shakespeare In The Park
Take Note Troupe (TNT) is mounting an annual staging of one of Shakespeare’s plays free of charge in local parks. TNT’s upbeat, family-friendly interpretation with delightful costumes and engaging music is sure to enlighten and entertain… BOLLYWOOD STYLE!

Shakespeare In The Park
Thursday-Saturday, June 8th-10th
Event is free, but parking is $5
Shows begin at 7:30. p.m.
Quarry Park
4000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin

Good Day Puppy, Blue
Blue, the Good Day Puppy, is finally being adopted by Good Day News Director John Armand and will be joining the morning show.

Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Rd., Sacramento
(916) 383-7387

Skadoosie: ‘The Only Onesie You’ll Ever Want’
It’s been redesigned with style and function in mind. We’ll meet the local woman who came up with this amazing onesie!

Three Rainy Day Hacks for Hunkering Down
Watch the video



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