SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In a rare one-on-one interview, California Gov. Jerry Brown opened up about a number of topics with CBS13.

Among them, the issue of climate change and the role President Trump is playing in Brown’s effort to educate the world on the issue.

The four-term governor tells CBS13, “Well, actually Trump is not hurting the cause of climate change…he’s giving it new life and vitality.”

Brown leaves on Friday for a three-city trip to China to continue his push for a global clean energy initiative.

He goes on to say this about President Trump’s stance on climate change. “Because his denial, his statement that climate change is a hoax is so absurd and so unbelievable and so outrageous that the grassroots governor — people around the world — have galvanized and he’s actually creating the exact opposite of what he wants.”

We also asked the governor about the impending gas tax and how taxpayers can rest assured the money earmarked to fix our roads, highways and bridges will actually be used for those purposes.

“We have a constitutional amendment and the way they can be sure is to vote for it,” Brown said (referring to the June 2018 election when California voters will get to weigh in on another part of the gas tax package: a constitutional amendment to keep lawmakers from diverting the money to other purposes).

Brown also says he’ll continue to hold University of California officials accountable, given the recent scathing audit uncovered millions in unreported funds and lavish spending.

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