By Marc Woodfork

Lower all expectations going into this and you’ll come out of it with a smile on your face.

“Baywatch” stars The Rock, Zac Efron, and the adorable Alexandra Daddario.  It’s the film version of the hit television show of the same name.

What makes this film work is that it doesn’t take itself seriously.  Unlike the television show that wanted to be a somewhat serious drama, the film version goes in the exact opposite direction — relying on silly plot points, campy dialogue, and the lowest common denominator: sex.

The film makes no apologies in being what it is: very attractive people who spend the entire film in low cut swimsuits and sexy evening attire.  The script is poor, the acting is awful.  It’s basically a talking Sports Illustrated magazine.

The plot is simple.  The lifeguard crew decides to bring on new recruits, and while in the process, uncover a criminal enterprise that’s bringing drugs into the community.  And of course, “Baywatch” has to stop them.

There are funny moments in this film that are truly laugh-out-loud brilliant.  But those are few and far between.  One bright spot is the revelation that Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson can do comedy.  He has great comedic timing and delivery.  It’s just a shame that he doesn’t have the story or script from this film to really showcase that aspect of his acting.

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