SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hide or don’t hide? That is the question Sacramento Police are asking community groups on social media about their traffic enforcement strategies.

“They shouldn’t be hiding,” said Elizabeth Hummel, commenting on the topic. “They should be out patrolling. Out in the open.”

“If you’re going the speed limit, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about,” said another man.

Eleven motorcycle officers patrol the streets of Sacramento are looking for violators.

“Typically we move from area to area based on complaints we get from the community,” said Sgt. Matt Armstrong with the Sacramento Police Traffic Division.

Armstrong says they use several approaches to catch law breakers. Sometimes that means being visible for all to see.

“So many [people] see you out there and you can affect a lot more people at one time,” said Armstrong talking about the positives of being visible on the streets.

Other times, Armstrong says police will hide behind bushes or in alleys.

“Keeping things unpredictable I think in the traffic world can be a good thing,” said Armstrong.

“It’s almost kind of devious when they seem to be hiding,” said Hummel.

Wanting to engage the community, Armstrong put the topic up for discussion on the social-media site Nextdoor.

“We’re trying to be transparent and it’s okay to have conversations about this,” said Armstrong.

“Let them hide, no one commits a rolling stop, speeding or break in if they see a cop,” posted Charles L.

“Out in the open,” posted Austin N, “It makes it feel like you’re their [sic] to serve in the community rather than catch us in a ‘gotcha’ moment.”

“I thought it would be a neat idea to put it out there and say hey, What do you think?” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says they don’t plan to change the way they operate but wanted to get feedback from the community and generate transparent conversation.

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