A consumer scam that appeared in early 2016 is making its way around Facebook once again.

Fraudsters are posting bogus coupons for Lowe’s offering $50 off coupons for Mother’s Day.

When users click on the post, they’re taken to an official-looking page containing a survey — the promise being that after users fill out the information, they get the coupon. But the coupon never arrives, and the scammers now have the unsuspecting user’s personal information.

In response to this and a similar scam, Lowe’s issued the following statement: “These coupons are not offers extended by Lowe’s. It is a scam and Lowe’s is unable to honor the coupon.”

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid becoming a victim of a bogus coupon scam:

– Head to the company’s official website or Facebook page and see if a similar coupon is posted there. If it isn’t, it might be fake.

– Legitimate businesses will not ask for your credit card or social security numbers in a survey. If they request your email or address, see if there’s a link to their privacy policy.

– They’re giving you a big discount for just a few questions? Not likely. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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