Daily List: 3 Mistakes People Make on Date Night
Planning a date night with your significant other? Whether it’s a long-term relationship or something new, put some effort into it! On the Daily List, Marianne has three mistakes people make on date night!
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How to Peel an Egg In 5 Seconds
See how

Sac ACT Quiz
Students and our anchors are facing off!  As students prepare to take the SAT and ACT, author and CEO of ESM prep is seeing if we know our stuff for getting the best score possible.  He is quizzing us to see if we would be ready.

ESM Prep
50 Fullerton Ct.
(916) 706-0754

Bloom Subscription
Flowers make everything brighter, right? A local woman just launched into a new adventure she hopes will be a booming and blooming business! It’s called Bloom, a small family-owned floral delivery subscription service. They even grow some of their flowers!


Lifetime Athletics
Neighbors in Folsom have been waiting a long time for the new Lifetime Athletics to open.  The club has some impressive features and we are checking it out ahead of their big opening and finding out some of the jobs they are still hiring for.

Lifetime Athletics
110 Serpa Way in Folsom
(916) 597-9100

Easter Hacks
No need to stink up the kitchen with vinegar and dye tablets to make colorful Easter eggs — we’ll try a method using shaving cream and Cool Whip!

How to Dye Easter Eggs With Shaving Cream
Find out how

Stockton Police Paint
Local artist Erin Elizabeth has created art workshops for Stockton police officers and their families as a form of therapy. Erin and two officers let us paint with them.   


Vintage Party Trailer

Dishin’ with Tina: Julian’s Patisserie & Cafe
6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd. #7

Kids Expo
It’s an expo for kids created by a kid. Founder TJ Bragg is 12 now, but he started the expo when he was 9.

The Bunker
After serving almost 20 years in the military, first in the Marines and then with the Army, Miguel became a police officer.  Now retired, he wanted a place where law enforcement and military people could have a place they feel comfortable.  Called The Bunker, we are seeing some of the decor and finding out more about the owner.

The Bunker Bar & Grill
2019 O St. in Sacramento
(916) 442-2682

Manly Minute: 5 Travel Spots for Men
Take a scroll through Instagram these days searching for #wanderlust and you’ll see more than your fair share of beautiful women traveling the world with nothing but gusto, backpacks, and the ideal filter for a sunset. Though your idea of solo travel might be limited to mid-week trips for client meetings, there’s an upward trend of more and more guys taking time off to vacation by themselves.
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