SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire at a sushi restaurant early this morning.

Just before 3 a.m. this morning, passersby noticed smoke and flames and could feel an unusual amount of heat coming from the Sushi Hook restaurant in Howe Avenue Plaza, which is at 807 Howe Avenue.

When firefighters arrived, they say that from the street, they couldn’t see fire until they got right up to the doors. They found a fire in the kitchen restaurant and were able to keep the fire from spreading from that area. However, Sushi Hook shares an attic with nearby businesses, allowing smoke to creep up above those businesses as well.

“Thankfully somebody called. The fire department said they had one caller only. And had it not been that caller, we would have not shown up to a business,” said Mike Blore, owner of a nearby tanning salon.

“It’s very common for fires to get up in the attic space. The attic space is common and the fire will run laterally above all the units. We’re very concerned about that,” said Sac Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief Anthony Kastros.

The exact cause of the kitchen fire is under investigation.

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