Daily List: 3 Things Never to Put Down the Drain
Washing the dishes by hand, and everything goes down the garbage disposal or the drain.. but you ought to pay better attention! On the Daily List this morning, Marianne has three things to never put down the drain!
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The Bee Box
Hi, I’m new! A new local shop is all the buzz in East Sac. We’re checking out the Bee Box. The Bee Box is East Sacramento’s newest destination for fresh, local honey, pollen, and beekeeping supplies.


Sandwiches for Kids
No one knows how to spice up two slices of bread better than Jersey Mike’s!  And today, all proceeds from their four Sacramento-area locations will go to the Children’s Miracle Network!

Academy Of Country Music Awards
Sunday, April 2
On CBS13

Carnivorous Plants Exhibit
No this is not a remake of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Deuce Mason is at sac state to get an up-close look at some carnivorous plants that are on display!

“Carnivorous Plants: Efficacy In Survival”
Sac State
Sequoia Hall Is Open 8 A.m. – 5 P.m., Mon. Through Fri.
Exhibit Closes May 17.

Sac Republic Home Opener
It’s an exciting week for the Sac Republic! They’re fresh off their win in Seattle and are getting ready for their home opener this Saturday at Papa Murphy’s Park! They host Orange County FC on April 1!

Republic FC 2017 Official Team Photo
Wednesday, Mar. 29
6:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Tower Theater
2508 Land Park Dr.

One to Five Recipes
Chef Ryan Scott is out with a new book “One to Five” (One to Five: One Shortcut Recipe Transformed Into Five Easy Dishes).

twitter: @chefryanscott
instagram: @chef_ryan_scott

Blueline Arts
It’s one of the gems of downtown Roseville and it promotes local art! Deuce is at Blueline arts to check out their latest display!

Blueline Arts
Open Tuesday-Saturday
405 Vernon St, Ste. 100

Kru Sushi’s New Home
Kru Contemporary Sushi is one of Sacramento’s most beloved restaurants and it has a new home in East Sac on Folsom Blvd.

3135 Folsom Blvd.

Wildflower Train
Because of all the rain, this April is expected to be one of the best years for seeing wildflowers.  You can take a scenic trip on a train through the Western Railway Museum.  It is only the month of April, though so we are taking a ride to show you some of the flowers you may be able to see.

Wildflower Train
Western Railway Museum
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Dishin’ With Tina
Chateau Arme Bakerie & Latte
2222 Francisco Dr. #500
El Dorado Hills

Raider Rooters
Raiders fans are obviously mixed about the team’s move to las vegas. But one Sacramento fan group is feeling great about the move. Deuce Mason in Sacramento to find out why the Sacramento Raider Rooters will continue to support the team once in moves.

Manly Minute: 5 Essentials For All Men
Five years ago, I made a decision to surpass the bad condition I was in back then and to work hard to improve myself and my mind-set as much as possible. I believe maturity is a subjective thing and it’s based on the emotions and challenges you go through life. I’ve met 40-year-olds who were acting like 18-year-olds and 18-year-olds who enrolled in the army and possessed at 22 the self-discipline that others can only dream of.
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