SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento police wrapped up a four-day murder investigation in the 1100 block of 35th Avenue on Sunday, allowing for the community to set up a memorial on the drive way of the house four people were killed.

The road to the neighborhood may be back open, but now, it’s the long road to healing for residents.

”The victims will never be forgotten, but we must go day-by-day and try to heal as a community,” explained Nadine Valenzuela, who has lived on the block for the past 14 years.

Valenzuela made the short walk from her home to the memorial set up at the house of Mia and Alvin Vasquez – the two kids she watched grow up over the past 14 years.

“Seeing kids ride their bikes up and down the street for the last couple of years, and skate, and to know you are not going to see them anymore, is devastating,” she said.

All day Sunday, folks stopped by to pay their respects, reflect and to remember 14-year-old Mia and her 11-year-old brother, Alvin. They were murdered in their home last Thursday, along with their mom, Angelique Vasquez, 45, and a fourth victim, her niece, 21-year-old Ashley Colemen.

The children’s father, Salvador Vasquez Oliva, 56, is the prime suspect. He was arrested in San Francisco hours after their bodies were found.

Rashad Yates was Mia’s soccer coach. She was a goalie for her school’s team.

“She smiled easily, she laughed easily. She laughed at my jokes, which says something about her. She took it easy on coach!” said Yates.

Yates remembers Mia’s infectious smile, strong work ethic and her commitment to getting better. And helping others get better, too. She tutored classmates after school.

”She had a teammate, who she helped with her homework every day in the library. So, everybody felt the loss in their own specific way,“ he said.

The quadruple homicide has been tough for those live on this quiet street. But for Valenzuela, the loss of two young kids has been the biggest struggle.

”(Vasquez Oliva) allegedly took it upon himself to take the lives, of not just four people, but his family – and his children,” she said.

Vasquez Oliva is expected to be arraigned Monday afternoon.

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