Daily List: How Sacramento Fared on the “Fattest Cities in America” List
It may not surprise you to know, that Americans are apparently the fattest people in the world. A new list from Wallet Hub ranked 100 medium-to-large cities – on the Daily List this morning, Marianne reveals how northern California fared – and why Sacramento should be proud!
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‘Til You Collapse
A local couple turned their dream a reality and started their own business 3 years ago! They combined their passion for fitness and dream for business and opened ‘Til You Collapse.

Twitter & Instagram: @tilyoucollapse @leggingsofthemonthclub

Shop The Closet
Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Wouldn’t you love to shop someone else’s closet? Now you can and help out a great cause! Melissa’s with a lifestyle blogger learning the tricks of the fashion trade.

Shop the Closet Event
Benefits Glass Slipper
May 13th 10 a.m.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
It’s a new and shocking version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of depravity, lust, love and horror. On the fog-bound streets of Victorian London, Henry Jekyll’s experiments with exotic “powders and tinctures” have brought forth his other self-Edward Hyde, a sensualist and villain free to commit the sins Jekyll is too civilized to comprehend. When Hyde meets a woman who stirs his interest, Jekyll fears for her life and decides to end his experiments. But Hyde has other ideas, and so the two sides battle in a deadly game to determine who has the wits and stamina to outlive the other.
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Hiring: Sacramento Republic FC On-Field MC
To apply, email goal@sacrepublicfc.com
Deadline to apply is 5 PM on Wednesday, March 29.

Pet of the Week
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin-Perkins Road

STEM Film Production
We are on a HOT SET! with 25 neuro-typical and 25 special-needs young adults working together to create several movies about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math).

They’re back at it again. Award-winning Wise Villa Winery and Goathouse Brewery are combining Vino and Brew to create a one-of-a-kind vinobrew!  The latest blend is sure to satisfy your taste buds! Melissa’s live in Lincoln with how this came about, pairings, and learning more about the upcoming World Malbec Day!

Wise Villa Winery
4200 Wise Rd. Lincoln
(916) 543-0323

Manly Minute: Helping Your Child Choose a Career
When it comes to choosing a career, people are given all kinds of awful advice, including:
“Choose the prestigious career.”
“Choose the career that will give you the most money.”
“Choose the safe path.”
“A job is just a job. Work isn’t meant to be fulfilling.”
“So-and-so likes her job, so you should do that too.” Or, the opposite: “So-and-so hates his job, so you should never do that.”

We spend many hours each week, decade after decade, doing work. Doing work you love makes life much more fulfilling. Therefore, it’s imperative we do a good job of guiding and encouraging our children in their quest to find and do work they love. According to this article, 80 percent of college students in the United States change their major at least once. When students are in college, they frequently don’t have the life experiences or self-knowledge yet to choose a career path that will best fit them. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help your child navigate these decisions.
Here are some tips to help your child choose a career.


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