Daily List: 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Eggs
Cooking eggs is deceptively simple. While they seem almost easy enough for kids to do, one wrong move and your breakfast is toast. Literally, like just the toast! On the Daily List this morning, three tricks of the trade for cooking eggs three different ways!
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We meet a mom who’s turned her hobby into a business.

DazzlinCouture Fashion
http://DazzlinCouture Fashion

They have over 350 flavors of milkshakes and some of the best breakfast and burgers you can find in Loomis.  It’s an old-fashioned restaurant with great meals.  We are hanging out at Taylor’s in Loomis and finding what the locals favorites are.

3636 Taylor Rd in Loomis
(916) 652-8255

High School PSA Winner
A Franklin High School student came in first place in a six-state competition with a public service announcement on preparing for an emergency! We’ll meet Nick Conklin and see his winning PSA, and how he came up with the idea. Looks like he shot and voiced it, too! The “A Place Called Sacramento” script writing competition over the last 17 years has produced 167 films featuring Sacramento stories and providing insight into the nature of our lives with the background of iconic area landmarks

A Place Called Sacramento” film festival script competition.
Deadline April 11th, 5 pm
Short-Film Production Tips Workshop Sat. April 22

“Get Prepared – Build A Survival Kit” PSA

Natural Wonders
The Magic and Mystery of Rare Diamonds is a world-renowned diamonds, interactive exhibits, raw stones and much more are in store for those who attend Natural Wonders: The event is happening March 24 and 25 at Rogers Jewelry Superstore in Folsom. This morning we’re getting a preview of the event and learning more about colored diamonds including pink, yellow and rough diamonds.

Event Hours: March 24 – 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and March 25 – 10 a.m. to 6

Finding Sacramento/Formoli’s
The creator of the “Finding Sacramento” podcast is on a mission to help expose the public to the Sacramentans who help make this city shine. Today, on the 10year anniversary of their east sac restaurant, Nathan will interview Aimal Formoli and his wife, Suzanne.

Formoli’s Bistro
3839 J Street,
Sacramento, CA 95816

Del Oro High Broadcasting Class

Del Oro High School has their own broadcasting class where students learn to shoot, write, edit, and be on camera. We are checking out their class.

@deloronews on Snapchat
Del Oro News on YouTube

Tutu Cuteness
We are getting Deuce to put on a Tutu!!!  Tutu Performing Arts is a children’s performing arts company dedicated to enriching the lives of students through music, movement, and dance. Tutu strives on teaching at each child’s level. In order to do this best, staff is trained not only in music, dance, and theater but early childhood education as well.

Dishin’ With Tina: D’s Smokin Pit
1800 Del Paso Blvd.

Junction Jog-a-Thon
This morning the Junction Elementary School PTC is hosting their annual Jog-A-Thon! This is Junction Elementary’s 9th Jog-a-Thon.

For Donations

Boosterthon FunRun

Artisan Cheese Festival
Master cheesemaker Sacha Laurin (based in Davis) is in the studio this morning for a cheese brining demo ahead of this weekend’s California Artisan Cheese Festival. Sacha will represent the Winters Cheese Company at the event Saturday night during the cheese and cocktail pairing portion.

The California Artisan Cheese Festival
Fri 3/24- Sun 3/26
745 Baywood Drive Petaluma,

Manly Minute: Get Rid of Your Beer Belly
Two things are true in life: you can’t have the sweet without the sour, and you can’t have the beer without the beer belly. So how do you get rid of your beer belly? Easy: stop drinking beer. That said, let’s talk about the relationship between beer and beer bellies. For the record, beer bellies aren’t specifically a direct result of too much beer. Just maybe too many calories and not enough movement. Alcohol in general – yes, that means wine and liquor too – can result in weight gain because your liver will burn the alcohol first, instead of fat. Also, beer tends to be carb-heavy and it’s easy to binge, resulting in a calorie surplus.Men also tend to store more fat in their bellies than women and belly fat or visceral fat is linked to a variety of health issues from diabetes to heart disease and high blood pressure.Now that we’ve covered what you shouldn’t do, let’s move on to what you can do: diet and exercise. Oh, but that sucks too? Sorry, it’s a fact of life, brother. However, what I will do is tell you how to make a big difference with five easy changes to blast belly fat.
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