Daily List: It’s National Proposal Day! 3 Reasons (Besides Love) to Pop the Question
It’s the most romantic day you’ve never heard of! March 20 is National Proposal Day — but who says men have to do the asking? On the Daily List this morning, 3 interesting findings about how Americans feel about the traditions surrounding one of life’s most important questions!
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Free Rita’s 
It’s the first day of spring and Rita’s Italian Ice is celebrating with free ice for everyone!!!  All day long, at every location, you can stop in and get a sweet treat that will cool you down.  We are checking out some of the flavors and seeing what flavor everyone at Good Day likes best!

Check This Out!
Chia fruit spreads.

Live Action Pilot Class
Free Flow Academy students have been working on a 1-hour dramedy/action TV pilot.
The project is actually a 12-week program and is an educational enrichment experience that involves teaching students the process of stunts, filmmaking, and media content creation.

“Immortal Fist” Film Screening
March 31st 6:00pm @ Free Flow Academy
1106 Tinker Rd., Suite 150, Rocklin

Engagement Ring Trends
It’s National Proposal Day! We’ll pop into a local jeweler and see what the trends are in engagement rings this year – and what’s the best-seller!

Abla Jewelers
3005 Arden Way, Sacramento
(916) 483-2252

Ravioli With Corti Bros.
Today is National Ravioli Day! Rick Mindermann, Store Director from Corti Brothers is in the studio with the history of RAVIOLI– the oldest continuously produced food product in Sacramento.

Student Hand Chimes
Two third grade classrooms are learning not only math, science, and reading, but also how to play the hand chimes.  They are getting ready for the spring musical performance on March 23 and we checking in on their practice.  They also sing in Spanish!

Spring Musical Performance
Cordova Gardens Elementary School
March 23

Manly Minute: 5 Reasons Men Love Spring
Can you feel that? That jolt of optimism and energy bursting through your veins at this very moment? No, it’s not because you’re psyched to read this article. It’s because it’s officially spring on your calendars and the warm weather is beginning to creep up on us. Spring is the appetizer to the main course, which is the summer. It lets you know that life is about to get better.
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Lincoln High Career Fair
About 600 8th grade students and 900 high school students will be attending the Lincoln College & Career Fair. There will be more than 35 different exhibitors from different colleges, industries, branches of the armed forces and CTE Works classes.

College and Career Fair
Lincoln High School
March 20th 8:00am-1:45pm
FB: WPUSD-LHS Fighting Zebras- Building Greatness Since 1907
#zebralegacy #collegeandcareerready #LHScandcfair




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