COBB COUNTY, Georgia (CBS Sacramento) – A family in Georgia is looking for answers after their home surveillance camera captured what they say is someone spraying poison on their son’s toy.

Kathleen and her husband Jeff never hesitated to leave their young son’s toys in front of their house.

“You think you can leave your kids toys out and they’d be safe,” she said.

But after they found a substance on their toddler’s slide, they started feeling nervous.

“He can get sick and you’d have no idea that he’s been poisoned or something,” said Jeff.

The family gave police surveillance video that shows someone at the slide early Thursday morning. The person stands in front of it, reaches into a pocket, and appears to leave something on it.

The person seen on camera may have had something on his shoes because footprints reportedly killed the grass.

While police investigate. the family says they’ll be keeping their toys inside. No other neighbors have reported any incident similar to theirs. They think they were randomly targeted.

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