Daily List: 3 Ways to Adjust to Daylight Saving Time
Hopefully you remembered to move your clocks forward one hour yesterday — but “springing forward” can be more than just losing that hour of sleep. Health studies show, fatal traffic accidents increase today — the Monday after the time changes — along with a 10-percent increase in heart attacks.
It can take a few days to adjust to Daylight Saving Time – so on the Daily List this morning, a couple of ways to make it a little easier!

Say Yes to the Prom at Macy’s Roseville
Have you seen some of the prom fashions this year?
Saturday, March 18 at 2pm
20% off your prom dress purchase

Sacramento Food Film Festival
The Sacramento Food Film Festival will take place April 1-8, 2017. This morning, the Food Literacy Center is announcing the short films that they will show at the premiere event.
April 1-8
Tickets On-Sale Now

March Madness Entertainment
Lifestyle expert Whitney Bond is coming into the studio to showcase some recipes for your March Madness party.
Twitter: @whitney_bond
Instagram: @whitneybond
Facebook: @whitneybondblog

CDCR Donates Baseball Equipment

Principal For a Day
There is a desperate need for teachers and principals in all schools right now. We are at Harriet Eddy Middle school to find out the pros and cons of being a teacher and principal.
Pre-Register for on-Spot interview:
EGUSD Job Fair March 18

Daylight Saving & Your Health
Springing forward has its perks: It’s a sign that winter is coming to an end, and it allows you to once again see some sunshine on your way home from the office.


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