STOCKTON (CBS13) – Protesters disrupted a city council meeting at Stockton’s city hall Tuesday evening.

For the second time this month, protesters and relatives of several individuals who lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement officers had to be kicked out of the council chambers.

Police say about 30 protesters were yelling and causing a disturbance. The protesters are calling for a federal investigation into the Stockton Police Department.

The meeting was temporarily stopped while the group was cleared out. Officers say the protesters used chairs to try and stop them from advancing. Police also say several officers were assaulted by members of the group.

Mayor Michael Tubbs later posted a statement apologizing about the incident.

After order was restored, the council voted on a resolution affirming Stockton’s commitment to the protection of immigrants.

Police revealed Wednesday that two body cameras were knocked off of officers during the incident. One of the cameras had been recovered, but the other one is still missing.

No arrests have been made, police say.

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