Girls Cout Cookie “Mega Drop”
Cookie lovers, get ready! Today the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California will welcome two dozen semi-trucks filled with about 1.5 million packages of cookies to Raley Field for the Girl Scouts’ annual “Mega Drop.” This morning Tina is at Raley Field with all of the boxes of Girl Scout cookies before they get distributed!!
Find Girl Scout cookies

Sacramento Norcal Regionals
Finally, after many years, the girls have the same big tournaments as the boys. An area wrestling coach has helped to organize the 1st Annual Girls Sacramento Norcal Regionals, a seeding criteria for the state competitions. It’s happening today at Del Campo High School.

2017 1st Annual Girls Sacramento Norcal Regionals
Del Campo High School
Facebook: Louis Pasteur Middle School Wrestling, Queens of NorCal

Davis Museum Day
Tina is checking out the 6th annual Biodiversity Museum Day at UC Davis! Museum Day features 12 collections showcasing natural history, biodiversity, and the cultural-ecological interface. Biodiversity Museum Day is a free, educational event for the community. People can check out the greenhouse and lose themselves in the microscopic worlds of nematodes, yeasts, and pressed plants.

Biodiversity Museum Day
UC Davis
Today: 9am-4pm

Famous Fitness
He created Power Magazine and is a professional body builder right here in our own backyard.  He’s partnering with Jen Widerstrom, who you may have seen on the Biggest Loser or American Gladiators.  She has a new book out and they are talking about the book and showing us how to do the deadlift.

Super Training Gym
1891 Enterprise Blvd in West Sacramento

Dishin’ with Tina
My Thai Kitchen
1465 Eureka Road #140

Crepes N More
This morning Nha is heading to Six Flags, but before she gets there she needs to fuel up on a good breakfast! This morning she’s at Crepes N More! Crepes N More offers breakfast crepes, savory crepes, sweet tooth crepes, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more! Some of the crepes include the Greek crepe, the Teriyaki Chicken crepe, and so much more!

Crepes N More
620 Jackson St
(707) 428-2210

Mixed-Reality Coaster
Nha is checking out the world’s first mixed-reality coaster experience!!!! Riders are immersed in an epic battle with alien invaders all the while riding the park’s floorless, looping coaster Kong. The New Revolution Galactic Attack is a 360-degree virtual content is perfectly synched to the ride’s steep drops, inverted loops and powerful twists and turns.

The New Revolution Galactic Attack
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Officially Opens: Feb. 20th
(707) 644-4000

Drawing Pictures on Water
we’re meeting Author & Therapist Katherine Kemp Velez, who just recently published her novel, “Sachi – Drawing Pictures on Water” Sachi is a well-researched, historical fiction novel capturing the life of one remarkable woman and how she finds her voice; a woman whose three American sons ultimately choose very different paths; and a woman who feels deeply responsible to her husband, even as she loves Jack, mirroring the conflict of feelings and fears for both her countries, America and Japan. It is a voice to be heard, especially now, as our nation struggles with questions of civil rights and national security.

Barnes & Noble
(916) 788-4320
Feb. 25th: 2pm-4pm

Wine vs. Beer Pairing
Taste Restaurant in Plymouth is having a beer vs. wine pairing dinner in Sutter Creek and you are invited. So what’s the difference in creating dishes for beer vs wine? We are finding out and getting more info about the dinner happening next month.

Wine on 49
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Come OUT to Amador
March 24-26, 2017

Taste Restaurant
9402 Main Street Plymouth

#LYAOComedy Tour
Basketball Wives LA Tami Roman is hosting the #LYAOComedyTour at Tommy T’s in Rancho Cordova! Tami brings Comedian Ray Grady, Brian Hooks & the Hilarious Cocoa Brown to the Tommy T’s stage! This morning they all join us in the studio to talk about their hilarious show!

Tommy T’s
Rancho Cordova
Tonight & Tomorrow
(916) 608-2233

ReBagit App
How many times have walked into the grocery store and totally forgot your reusable bags in the car? 10 times? a hundred? a billion/gajillion? We there is an app that will finally help remind you (you set a location setting say, 300 feet from your fav store and it will send you a reminder to grab those bags, brilliant right?! to

Cosmetics for College
Forget loans and financial aid! One college student came up with a way to get her degree DEBT FREE! She launched a home business “Cosmetics for College!” Her crafty creations include everything from lotion bars to bath bombs and lip scrub! Elizabeth and mom Wendy are in studio demonstrating a couple of the products and showing off the collection!

Chinese New Year
Today the CNYCA (Chinese New Year Cultural Association) will have its annual Chinese New Year celebration at Hiram Johnson High School. This year, the year of the Rooster, is CNYCA’s 20th anniversary of the Chinese New Year celebration event. The annual event is the largest and most important Chinese festival in the capitol region of California.

Chinese New Year Celebration
Hiram Johnson High School
Today: Noon-5pm

National Drink Wine Day
Today is National Drink Wine Day, but for many, understanding the difference between the myriad types is enough to make one’s head spin before even having a glass. Here to give us a Wine 101 is Paco Saldana from BevMo!

BevMo! Sacramento Midtown
1700 J St


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