Daily List: 3 of the Grossest Things Your Kids Are Going to Touch Today
The world is filled with germs. And try as you might to protect your kids from them, sometimes it’s outside of your control because, as it turns out, there are other people in the world! On the Daily List this morning, three of the grossest things your kids are going to touch today – and what you can do about it!
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Last Minute Valentines
WARNING…WARNING…It’s less than 24 hours to Valentine’s Day!!  What if you don’t have time to grab a gift? We found the one stop shop to find the perfect way to show your love WHILE filling up your gas tank!  It gives a whole new meaning to convenience shopping!  Melissa’s multi-tasking at the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza looking around to see what treasures she can find!

Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza
2828 El Centro Road, Sacramento

Meatless Monday
This meatless Monday we get ready for meatless taco Tuesday!

I Love Kickboxing in Roseville is hosting a fun event where you can shred your ex. The anti-Valentine’s Day class is happening tonight in the 5 and 6:30 classes and you are invited. So what exactly happens in class? Some instructors are here showing us.

iLoveKickboxing Roseville
5020 Foothills Blvd.
(916) 330-4345

With 50 million active users, Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps. If you’re thinking of “swiping right” this Valentine’s Day, our resident nerd on call Ryan Eldridge is here with tips for finding a date on Tinder.

Nerds on Call
4315 Marconi Ave., Sacramento

Cookie Competition
Valentine’s cookies they are more than just a sweet treat. These cookies will benefit the American Heart Association. Wendy is at Cornerstone Cafe decorating some of those cookies and telling us more about how you can help.

Cornerstone Cafe
2326 J St,

Valentine Haunt
Forget the romance this Valentine’s Day because it’s about to get really scary!! The Valentine Haunt house is a haunted house that features Cupid and his bow and arrow! But this isn’t the cute Cupid you’re used to seeing! This Cupid wants you to suffer in pain!

Valentine Haunt
4909 Auburn Blvd.
Feb.14th: 7pm-11pm
For Tickets: http://valentinehauntsacramento.com
(530) 794-8511

Beatles Cartoon Animator
Baby boomers will remember “The Beatles” Saturday morning cartoon show in the mid-1960s! Now you can own a piece of the show! Ron Campbell, director of the cartoon series and animator of the Beatles film “Yellow Submarine” will present a one-man art show in a rare personal appearance in Sacramento.

Beatles Cartoon Exhibit
Feb. 14-16, Beatnik Studios
723 S Street, Sacramento

Ron Campbell One-Man Art Show

Beatnik Studios

Better You: Immunity Booster
Brandy Neth of Peel’d juice is back to talk about and show off the top immunity-boosting foods to strengthen your immunity and protect your health from the inside out.

49 Bicentennial Cir.

Singing Valentines
It’s the Valentine’s Day EVE and we’re getting you into the spirit of the holiday with LIVE singing valentines! Sacramento Valley Chorus still has openings for today and tomorrow if you want to show your loved one you care with a song! Melissa’s with a women’s quartet ready to deliver a few telegrams LIVE!

Singing Valentines
$45- 2 songs, candy, rose and card

Power of Vinegar
Vinegar is healthy, yet overlooked as something to use for health as well as for flavoring in the kitchen. A continually growing trend at this year’s Fancy Food Show in SF was vinegar and drinking vinegar, (drunk as a tonic). Rick Mindermann, Store Director from Corti Brothers is in the studio with the history of vinegar, its health benefits, and best ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Corti Brothers
5810 Folsom Blvd.

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles
Every year before February 14th, cupid appears to put in overtime plunging arrows into the hearts of hopeless romantics across the world. Those of us who survive the air strike can be left feeling a little singled out on this holiday designed for two. However, love comes in many shapes and sizes and isn’t only limited to celebrating with a significant other. This v-day grab your single friends and celebrate your love for life instead. Any of these activities will no doubt create a memorable holiday for you and even the most cynical critics of saint valentine. After all, all is fair in love and war.
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