Residents living on Tyler Island in Sacramento County are being told to evacuate their homes after it appeared the levee along the N. Mokelumne River would breach.

The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services issued the following statement to people living in the area:

“This is an Evacuation Notice from Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services. Tyler Island is expected to flood due to a compromised levee. Residents are strongly advised to leave the area for their safety. Safe travel routes include Tyler Island Road south to Tyler Island Bridge Road and then to River Road either north or south. Residents can also use Tyler Island / San Andrus Island Road north to Walnut Grove Road and then north or south to either River Road or West Walnut Grove Road. Residents may obtain additional road closure information from 3-1-1.”

A flash flood warning is in effect until 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Officials say 433 people are being affected.

The office of emergency services says although possible flooding on Tyler Island is not presenting a threat to Walnut Grove, they’re also urging residents there to take precautionary measures. For more information, you can call 2-1-1 or watch for updates.

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