Every Tuesday this month, mentor and life coach Cynthia Bazin with Laser Focused Mentoring will join us in the studio as we help you navigate love in the New Year.

On Tuesday, we’ll show you tips to rejuvenate your love life — whether you’ve been married for five or 55 years – and put the spark back into your most important relationship.

Email your questions to goodday@kmaxtv.com and she’ll address a few of them in the 8 a.m. hour.

Comments (7)
  1. Your viewers are very lucky to be getting this sound advice from this amazing woman! Cynthia Basin is a very Laser Focused mentor. I was lucky enough to meet Cynthia though the Periscope app. I made a real connection with her and joined her Inner Circle for women. Through her Laser Focus mentoring, she has shown me how to go from overwhelm to focused. Cynthia has changed me life! If you struggle with direction, overwhelm or a clear vision as to where you want to go, you need to reach out and #askforhelp
    Cynthia basin can show you how!
    Shelly Harris

    1. Shelly, Thank you so much for watching the segment!!! I really appreciate the feedback and please be sure to let your single friends and family know about next Tuesday’s segment that I am doing “How To Best Find Love After 40”. Again I appreciate your comments! Have an awesome day!

      1. February is the month of love, I’m so glad that Cynthia Bazin is reminding us all how important it is to look great for our partners. We tend to forget about the little things after we have been married for a time. I loved that fact that sweat pants AREN’T sexy! Keeping the sizzle alive can be a battle, we forget!
        I can’t wait to see what Cynthia enlightens us on next week, I’ll be turning in for sure!
        Shelly Harris

  2. Lisa Bechtol says:

    This was an awesome topic and segment…… and I LOVED finding the humor in it because I can relate to the sweatpants, my bad!!! I think we know in our heads what we “should” be doing, but Cynthia and Marianne brought it out of my head and into real action, it was real talk. I Appreciate that the station is using the month to focus on relationships, we forget at times! Also, this is the second time I caught Cynthia Bazin live on the show and always love the focused tips to jot down. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the month!! Enjoyed the connection with Cynthia and Marianne in addition to the team, it was genuine!! Great work Good Day!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for your feedback! I am so glad you found the segment to be of great value! Hope you can watch next Tuesday where Marianne and I will be talking about “How To Best Find Love After 40”!

  3. Gail Foley says:

    There is no better mentor or coach to listen to then Cynthia Bazin! She’s called Smart Chic for a reason! And I love the fun that Cynthia and Marianne easily share on these segments. The topic is always valid because we do drift off into routine and forget the early days of star struck passion and romance. And then whoops, we no longer connect. The sweat pants demo was a classic! And yes, the date night suggestion is vitally important! We started our night date right from the get go – 17 years and we still honor that! But we do change it up like Cynthia suggests – this week we’re going to a play, week before comedy club and we’re movie buffs, too! Even though I don’t need to find “Love After 40” because I already did, I will be watching for a friend of mine. Sharing Cynthia’s tips is a given, always laser focused and on topic. I truly appreciate these segments! AWESOME and makes for a GOOD DAY!

    1. Wow Gail! Thank you so much for your feedback. I love how you have been doing date nights for over 17 years. That is awesome! And I appreciate that you’ll be tuning in to the segment Marianne and I will be doing next week!

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